Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aw, shucks, friend. I was just about to say the same thing.

What element am I?

Water? No. Water can be loud and violent and merciless, but it can also be calm, and I am never really that calm.

Air? It's invisible and silent sometimes, but it can cause enormous devastation and get whipped up into a real storm at a moment's notice. Close.

Earth? No way. Earth is immovable, resolute, and strong. I am none of these things.

Fire? It can't exist unless it's burning, blazing, destroying everything in it's path. Sometimes something new is created after the flames, but fire has no calm state, no meditative relaxation. I cannot be fire. I am not always burning.

So, air fits the most, and yet it's not really me. I can be fire, but I'm not all the time. I'm definitely not earth, because it's too unmoldable, or water, because I've never been so perfectly serene.

So what am I?

I should make quizzes on Facebook.

I hate Ringo, and I cannot understand how anyone, anywhere, could like her. She's unbearable. She's the mentos to my coke, as Silver and Lolo so brilliantly put it. You can't blame the coke for exploding when it has mentos in it.

I know what you mean when you say you feel lonely. I feel the same way. With less reason, but I do.
I'm lonely too.


  1. I love the analysis of each of the elements. I guess you're consulting the basic elements [earth, wind, and fire! oh, and water] but otherwise I'd say there's plenty more that might fit your personality and such.

    I think it's "mentos" not "menthos."

    Aw, don't feel lonely!

  2. Truly calm water is stagnant, spoiled. What looks like a perfectly serene pool can have a raging undercurrent just underneath the surface.

    Earth is the strongest, but it is not invicible- Mountains and gorges, lakes and rivers are all the forces moving and recreating earth.

    Fire can be extinguished by water, air, or earth. It's destructive, but fragile.

    Air is the most powerful. Air can move earth, water and fire. It's unstoppable. It will go around any obstacle in it's way. But it loses it's energy quickly. It cannot keep a destructive pace.

    None of the elements could exist without the other. That said, you do not have to be only one element.