Sunday, May 10, 2009

I know that you're wounded. I know I'm here to save you. You know I'm always here for you. I know you'll thank me later.

[Pain--Three Days Grace]
I lovelovelove Three Days Grace. Listen to them, foo!
I actually had a fairly great weekend. It actually started out fairly bad, because I really wanted to go over to Silver's house and she never turns on her phone, so I was pretty much convinced I wasn't going, and I was sad.
[Get Out Alive--Three Days Grace]
But then, alas, she called! Hallelujah. She has the COOLEST house. Haha, we played Extreme Go Fish (only the greatest card game known to man), swung on a hammock, discussed the frightening-ness of mummies, gave Nixon (her dog) a walk, got mud/fertilizer(?) on my shoes, and visited Dylan. Ugh. He didn't acknowledge my existence at all and then he asked if I was going to some Odyssey of the Mind thing Silver had forgotten about. Hmmph.
[Wake Up--Three Days Grace]
My parents picked me up around six, and as soon as I got home I got on Facebook. Of course. And then, surprise surprise, Basil had commented on my status! After I got over the initial hyperventilating, I commented back. I wish I had said something else...
TODAY, I had to get up at five for the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure thing, because me and my mom were volunteering at the Wawa tent. Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. I swear, I would clean up one table, turn around to clean another one, turn back, and IT WOULD BE A MESS AGAIN! Overall, it was fairly fun, though I never EVER want to work at Wawa EVER.
[Scared--Three Days Grace]
Vera and her family were there too, but that was fairly uneventful, so whatever.
After that we went to Ikea, which has the GREATEST meatballs in the would. Seriously.
ThenthenTHEN me and my dad went to see STAR TREK. He said the Abrhams dude completely changed the storyline again, but I thought it was pretty much da bomb. AND SPOCK WAS PLAYED BY THE SAME PERSON WHO PLAYS SYLAR IN HEROES!!!!! OH, YAY!
Sylar is my dream guy :) Hahaha. They WILL bring him back next season...they MUST!

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  1. Three Days Grace is pretty great actually, though I must admit I haven't really ventured into them that much.

    Go Fish is pretty much the only card game I excell at.

    I have had that happen too, only it was the love of your life and he wrote on my FB wall. Pretty much any response you give doesn't uphold to your standards.

    I have yet to watch the new Star Trek, but I'm dying to.