Monday, May 4, 2009

My mind, it kinda goes fast...I'll try to slow it down for you. I want to give you something I've been wanting to give to you for heart.

[Congratulations--Blue October]
Oh, how I love this song. Blue October is the best.
I really have nothing to blog about except the bus :0 It was fun and somewhat...frightening. Bruce and I kinda playfully beat each other up. I only tried to steal his backpack! I ended up sitting on his arm :P
The really funny part was when these two sixth graders sitting behind us mentioned something about poptarts, and this guy from the back (Conner) came up and demanded the poptart. And as if that weren't funny enough, the sixth graders told him I had the poptart, so he stole my backpack. I never let go of it the entire time, but he, like, bear-hugged it, so I cried, most vivaciously, "What are you doing???". To which he replied, "I'm making out with your backpack! Could you give us a little privacy??"
Ah, the days when one could make out with someone else's backpack and not be reprimanded.
[Ugly Side--Blue October]
You know, Blue October is pretty far up there on my list of "Favorite Bands". I mean, respect keeps My Chemical Romance up on top, but if I wasn't so obsessed with keeping them my favorite band just because they always have been, Blue October would blow past first. As it is, they are in a close second.
[Into the Ocean--Blue October]
Not only is there music the closest thing to perfect ON EARTH, I can relate somehow to every one of their lyrics (which, as you know, is the first thing I look for in a song). They somehow take angst and insecurity and morph it into a smooth, pretty, not-head-banging-but-still-fairly-awesome melody, that hints slightly at insanity. At least, I think they do. This is a GOOD thing, guys!
My Chemical Romance, of course, is just as good. While their lyrics are a little too out-there to be related to, they're music is dark and twisted and AWESOME and sometimes romantic and while the words don't reflect me, the actual tune does. Also, they're a great inspiration, because their songs just reek with far-out-ness.
[Hate Me--Blue October]
I never understood people listening to calming music to, well, calm down. When I'm mad, I listen to head-thrashing, obnoxiously loud, screamer music, and it MUST have lyrics that fuel my fury. Example: One Step Closer, by the close-third Linkin Park (another band with incredible beats and close-to-perfect lyrics, though they tend to have one screamer bit in every one, but heck, they're the picture of teenage ansgt). If I'm sad, I listen to the slowest, most depressing music I can find on my iPod. If I'm happy, I won't risk killing my buzz by listening to anything other than the happiest, preppiest, funnest music I have.
If I want to write, on the other hand, I either listen to something related to what I'm writing, or I listen to something 'inspirational'. Inspirational is in whatever these (') are because I don't mean the crap they sell at such places as Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I mean songs that make me think, using no matter what side of my brain.
[You Make Me Smile--Blue October]
You make me smile, my friends. Have at thee with the comments. Please?

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