Thursday, April 9, 2009




  1. Cute cute cute colors/layout. Love it.

    Ugh, you said that whole "the never respond" thing, and here I am, not responding!! I don't think my on-top-of-things genes have kicked in yet.

  2. Hey,
    Erm well talking of the complete sentences thing, I'm pretty much a bit of an English geek and I have to type up proper grammar and sentences.
    Not sure who 'they' are. It could be a variety of people or it might actually be someone called 'they'. That would be quite weird though...
    And yay you do like Blue October. Me too although that's not really surprising. Sadly I've been through my MCR phase, but I still like their music. :)
    Personally, I avoid iTunes. I find it somewhat intimidating and sneaky. Me and iTunes need to work on our trust issues.