Friday, April 10, 2009

KrazyCoolKats POLKA dance.

That's secret code for something awesome. I'm just not sure what yet.

I realized I haven't had a real blog entry in awhile :( So, here I am, telling you about my day. Enjoy or DIE!!!!! Mwahaha, or just leave the blog.

I !!!FINALLY!!! got to sleep in (usually I wake up at 6:30, cuz I'm so used to it...). I woke up at approximately eight, but I stayed in bed 'waking up' till nine. I had a dream involving my family and Ewdras (Vera's family), in which we got zapped into another dimension, and I was Maximum Ride (sorta), and BP was taking a shower.

I stopped trying to interpret my dreams long ago.

ANYWAYS, after breakfast was all said and done (ten), we went HIKING. Haha, not really, but we started at the end of the river and walked several miles through a park. I wanted to keep going, but Auntie One-Flag and Aunt Anne didn't want to. Bah. Old people.

JUST KIDDING. They're not oldold. Just adults who can't walk more than four miles.

Actually, we walked farther than that. I'm trying to convince my dad that we should go to the park every weekend and explore. Maybe then my mom will stop pestering me to join a sport.

Then we...well, I dunno. We didn't do much after that. My mom had a doctor's appointment (YAYAYAYAY, no one will ever know why I wrote that) and me and the Aunts went and got bread at Great Harvest :) Yum! They give you free samples of the bread(s) of the day, and not some wimpy sliver of bread either. Complete slices! I got some apple coffecake-ish thing and it was GOOD. The bread we ended up buying wasn't my favorite, though. Ah well. I've never been much of a fan of crunchy, 'textured' bread.

Songs I wanna get:
  • In My Place--Coldplay
  • Desolation Row--My Chemical Romance
  • With You--Linkin Park
  • Dirt Room--Blue October
  • My Never--Blue October
  • Congratulations--Blue October
  • Kiss Me Thru The Phone--Soulja Boy Tellem
  • America's Suitehearts--Fall Out Boy
  • and whatever Eminem songs happens to captue my fancy.

[Kiss Me Thru The Phone--Soulja Boy Tellem]

I'm liking rap more and more. Weird, much? Oh, and I don't know why it's double-spacing the paragraphs. Huh. Maybe it won't even show up. I wonder how many people dialed the number in Kiss Me Thru The Phone. Wow, it's really getting annoying to type that.

We're having Easter dinner tomorrow night, since Auntie One-Flag is leaving around 5 on Sunday. They went grocery shopping a couple hours ago. Our fridge is begging for mercy.

Hummus is good.


  1. Oooo, someone has a new profile picture. Tis lovely.

    Happy Spring break to you, too! Plus Happy Easter.

    If you have the time, check this out. It's funny.

  2. Bread is not my favoruite thing - in food tech we have to do this case study on bread. I have just spent too much time weighing up the pros and cons for white and wholemeal. That said, I could fancy some appley concoction!

    I don't try to interpret my dreams either - seemingly much like yours they make little sense outside the dreamscape. I'm almost certain this morning I dreamt that my friend Lousie and I painted this room like a solar system, then lots of small children ran in and tickled us...

    I was going to say I think dreams are created by stuff we say see and do throuhgout the day, but even that isn't making much sense alongside the space room!