Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You lose something you can't replace.

[Fix You--Coldplay]
Hey! Basil's an ass. Didja know that? Bet not.
It happened in French, you see. Silver was pestering (I use big words too) me about what I was going to do for my ILP (Important Looney Project), and I don't know, so I told her that. Basil looks over and says, "Hey, I know what you could do for your ILP." Meanwhile I'm grinning like an idiot, because even though I knew deep down this was going to end badly, all I could think was: OMGOMGOMGOMGBASILBASILBASILBASIL!!!!11!
"How to be a loser." he says, in all seriousness.
By the way, our basis this year for ILP is how to do something.
Do YOU think I'm a loser?
I got, like, three trillion comments on my hair :D All shining praise, of course. Haha, I was walking to science, and Frenchie was walking out, and he saw me, and was like "Is that Strawberry????" I blushed sooooooo bad.
By the end of the day (French), I was blushing every time someone paid any attention to me, and Miss Shore noticed that, and she was like "Hey everyone! Strawberry got her hair cut!" I died...
And in the hall, Flower was trying out pick-up lines, and he was like, "Hey Strawberry, you're hot as the sun!" I know he was just saying that because I was the closest girl there, but I died...again...and blushed A LOT.
I talked to Nick on the bus today! Ha ha, I'm horrible at small talk. I got an awesome picture of him, though. He looks so adorable :) I wish I could post it...
There's a new student on the bus that me and Happy HATE. Talk about bad first impressions. Jeez. Paul told him I was a bitch, blah, that jerk.


  1. I love Coldplay. Haha, I always seem to blush when guys use pickup lines on me, no matter how lame they may be.

  2. Thanks, and I've changed it to this: Despite the increasing air pollution and dirty waters, London looked as it did years ago. In line with many others lies a cottage inhabited by a man and his wife. One night, neighbors heard screams and shrieks coming from their cottage. The police were swiftly notified. They searched the entirety of the home and encountered splotches of blood, though no bodies were found and a murder weapon could not be determined. The house otherwise seemed to have remained unperturbed. A crew of crime scene investigators searched and searched but found not an ounce of data or evidence that could lead to tracking down the killer.

    No need to be sorry. Thank you.

    Uhh, I think it's a word.

    Reela: I. Don't. Know.

  3. You could always do your project on 'the idiocy of boys.'