Thursday, March 12, 2009


*breathes fire*
And then she's all like "I'm out of the contest????", cuz we're having a contest to see who can be nice to me the longest. OF COURSE YOU'RE OUT OF THE CONTEST. YOU'RE BEING A COMPLETE JERK. WHAT THE HELL WOULD COMPELL YOU NOT TO TELL ME?
I have come up with three answers to that:
1. She told.
2. One of my friends told and she doesn't want me to DESTROY them.
3. He guessed and she feels guilty for not denying it.
Personally, I'm leaning towards the first one. In which case: I TRUSTED YOU, YOU BACKSTABBING TRAITOR! I NEVER TOLD A SOUL YOUR SECRET!
*smoke pours from ears*
That is, of course, only if she did tell. If it's the second one: I'm not some innocent little kid. I can handle it. If it's the third one: I'm not mad at you.
If it's something else: TELL ME, WOMAN!
*throws acid at unsuspecting passerby*
I do not need this crap. Not from Kim. Not from anyone. I. Am. Going. To. Flip. Do you really want to start a screaming contest in the hall? Really?
Now she's not answering me. Excuse me while I find a quiet place, maybe a city park with children laughing, happy old couples resting peacefully, ladies feeding birds, people jogging, and general happiness, and scream profanities into the sky.
*finds a quiet place, maybe a city park with children laughing, happy old couples resting peacefully, ladies feeding birds, people jogging, and general happiness; screams profanities*
I. Am. Pissed. Have you noticed yet?
You know what, Kim? I will ask him. I'm sick of being a freaking wimp, afraid of making any contact with people. Maybe I should thank you. After all, unless I'm really mad, I really don't do anything. Now I'll destroy anyone who tries to calm me down.
To my readers (who aren't being asses): I apologize for setting a virus on your computer and crashing it. I don't get really angry that often. Usually I just get depressed/lethargic. When I get mad, I get really bitchy...huh...
Just a side note: my hands are shaking, breathing is difficult, I can't concentrate on anything, my throat is dry, and I don't want to talk to anyone. I find comfort in listing my symptoms. Not really.
*screams; strangles closest thing, which happens to be the computer*
Update: I don't care if other people have worse problems than me. I just want to scream and have no one care. Okay? OKAY?


  1. Sorry you're now so pissed. Glad you let off some steam, though...things will turn around.

    Welcome anyway.

    I don't remember why I said 'for real'. Apologies.

    Ha, she was around but more in the background. She's gained the foreground and somehow thinks it's best to push me out of the supposed limelight when I was never getting all the attention. ANYWAY.

    I get the idea...ha.

    xedalessi: dislexsia! That's so funny. :p

  2. HEY! :D This is Aria/Anna (I decided to dump the pseudonym...)
    I'm so glad most RED people are going to Blogger, as I have jumped on the bandwagon. This is my new blog:

    Much Love,

  3. Thanks.

    Hahah, that is awesome.
    Minar. Ehhh. Nothing comes to mind!

  4. Hey there. I'm sorry your friend is being difficult. I know what it's like. I hope everything's better, since that was a week ago.

    I can't find the thing on your blog for me to be a follower! It's so unfortunate. Actually, I haven't been able to find it on anyone's....

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know I'm alive, and I'm sorry that I didn't comment sooner when you were going through such a tough time. D:

    Love, Love, Love,

    (the link to my new blog is on my Red Blog)

  5. Is it bad that this entry made me laugh hysterically? It was great. x]
    Thanks, I like my new blog too - just Google search Blogger layouts and you'll get tons of great results; it's pretty cool.

    Much Love,

  6. The shortness was certainly not intentional. I'm sorry, though.

    I'm running out of things to talk about in general. A lot of boring school stuff. Not quite enough intrigue, although I'm not much for drama to begin with.

    My friend Katie and I wonder if people, (guys especially) are making up girlfriends/boyfriends that go to this one school. "Oh yeah, I have a girlfriend/boyfriend they go to [insert school name here]" and the next person you ask will say the same school, but not the one I currently go to of course.

    I think I lost a sort of close friend of mine. She's changed tremendously over the past six months and that's okay, she's obviously allowed. I guess with that came seperation. I was never 100% best friends with her either. She's even insulted me, but I had forgiven her, based on the fact I was probably just over-reacting.

    Have you ever read the Pendragon series? If you like adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/realistic, I think you'd like it.

    Wow, it's 10:32. I probably should get some!

    [Milk was a good movie.]

    Polorru: What came before poloroids.