Saturday, March 7, 2009

Someone call the ambulance, there's gonna be an accident.

[Overweight--Blue October] (new favorite song)
"I wanna carry a piece of who I was before so when I hit the wall I really hit the wall." "I wanna shape the world to fit the way you move." "I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry I was sorry but I'm happy that you're happy." Mymymy, I love this song.
Moo's Bar Mitzvah was today! I didn't go, but I'm pressing Kim for all the details. Apparently "it was the best party ever in the whole world, and I'm not exaggerating". Wow, sure sounds fun! A total blast, I can see. Glad everyone had fun. Especially glad Basil and Daniel looked insanelygorgeoushotamazingincrediblehandsome in their suits and shiny shoes. Even better that Nat got a picture of the back of Basil's head.
No, I'm not bitter! How preposterous. What on earth would make you think that?
[Stab My Back--The All-American Rejects]
Ha ha. Kidding. Really.
The day wasn't a total waste, though. I went over to Paste's house! She was my friend last year, but she moved to a nearby town in the middle of the year. I haven't seen her since then! So it was fun. We hung out in her room, played "I Spy" (we never found the 'S'), texted Nat and Kim while they were at the Bar Mitzvah, played hide-and-seek on Trickster, ate the most delicious pizza on the face of the Earth, played hide-and-seek in real life (I hid behind a door), and had a dance contest. I won.
We got lost on the way there, ha ha.
It was insanely warm today, absolutely gorgeous weather. This is why I love the summer, even though it's not summer yet. Warmness! Outdoor things are once again available! I can go to the beach with my friends! I should do that next summer...
[Overweight--Blue October]
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  1. hum...i'm commenting

  2. strawberry shortcakeMarch 8, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    Ha ha. Not.

  3. lolo the un-qualifled commenterMarch 8, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    why? did that not qualfily for queen Ruthy?

  4. strawberry shortcakeMarch 9, 2009 at 5:03 PM

    Nope! Mwa ha ha.