Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I had an actual [texting] conversation with Bruce, of all people.

Bruce: Oh no!!! Nicks hoe is on the bus
Me: Asshole.
Bruce: go suck nicks balls
Me: I cant u already r.
Bruce: that is a lie why dont you speak to your pimp because i ain' texting no more
Me: Its not a lie and good ur clogging my inbox.
Bruce: 2 things is iwas not saying i am how would you know. Lily is making nick sit in .2 you are lucky you aren't sitting near the unknown gender
Me: Lol 2 the second. I thout u werent textin anymor.
Bruce: you know anymore has an e at the end
Me: Ya but i dont wanna write it.
Bruce: lazy :P
Me: U kno the beginning of a sentence is capitolized.
Bruce: The phone does't do it automatically i have to go it :(
Me: Lol mine duz. Ha ha. Omg ur ears r so small.
Bruce: Damn it why do you have to remind me
Me: Lol srry. R u all sad now?
Bruce: Hell no
Me: Lol u usually get all sad.
Bruce: Well i am not this time
Me: Yeah ok. Omg u have a relly crappy fone. What kind is it?
Bruce: env2
Me: Oh. Nvm. It looks bad from here. Lol srry.
Bruce: that is the case
Me: What? Oh. Lol.
Bruce: look

At which point he shows me his phone. My my, I had an interesting bus ride.
Also: Daniel held a door open for me, but he also asked Hallie out or something. Oh well. At least I got to stare at him ;)


  1. Ha, thanks. I'm not that upset.

    You should! Wow, what were the chances?

    I did think that. Then I read that comment and cried myself a river, built a bridge, jumped off, accidentally landed on concrete and was in a coma. THANKS. Haha. Obviously kidding.

    Sounds like one of the Japanese terms I needed to know for my history test.

    So does mine now. Hasabui.

    How are you?

  2. Yeah. I'm from In Exile. How'd you know?

    Thanks for thinking my blog is awesome! :)