Monday, January 19, 2009

I have nothing to do but post. Blah.

Rejoice, no? Indeed.
I've given up on my Favorite Songs list. There's just too many I love. So from now on, I'm not putting them in any paticular order. You'll have to listen to them all to find out which one's best :D
I'll probably list them....later.

[Monsters--Matchbook Romance]

I didn't do much today. At least, not that's worth blogging about. Can we say sad?
You better be able to. It's kinda pathetic if you can't.
I should be doing something productive, like, say, my homework, which I just remembered as I wrote that sentence, but I'm not. I'll do it later.
Arghness. I made a new blog (for fun) called Red Snoopie, but I messed it up. You see, at first I wanted to put it a picture of myself on it, but nobody would know it was me because it'd be under a different name. It was a blonde moment. I made a new one with the same account, and couldn't change get a seperate profile. That blog was deleted. Now my name's Red, though, and my picture is changed. Anyways, I made a new account, but I couldn't use my original URL ( I'm pissed. I didn't know I wouldn't be able to use it again.

[Human--The Killers]

I changed it to, which is not nearly as cool as the first one. By that time, though, I didn't want to work on it anymore. Really, that would be my fourth active blog. That's too many blogs for anyone. I put everything [important] on Cloudy, so it couldn't be a story blog or something. I don't take enough pictures for a photo blog. And who want's to manage comments and friends for four blogs? I'll use it for something eventually, but for now, it's gathering dust in the back of my thought-was-really-cool-then-got-bored-with-it drawer.
I have so many things like that. It's depressing.
Needless to say, I'm not very commited. That's one of the things I need to work on. Blah, work.

[Mr. Brightside--The Killers]

Blah, I can't get the picture up, but I found the awesomest dress ever. It is freaking gorgeous. I will wear it someday.

[I'm Yours--Jason Mraz]

You know what would be really messed up? If someone like, oh, say, Daniel read my blogs. Or Basil. Or Catman. That would be...messed up.
Oh, and Basil knows I like him. Blah. I knew this, of course, but it's never very pleasant to have your fears confirmed.
I wonder if they have a blog? That would be messed up as well. If they do, I must find it...
I wonder if there's something even the internet doesn't have information on?


  1. i went to see panic at the disco in concert with cobra starship and the academy is...

    i was such an idiot. and to think i once liked them. my music taste has evolved so much since then...


  2. *In reference to KRL, I recently had the opportunity to go see Cobra Starship, FTSK, and Sky Eats Airplane and I missed the chance, and I am so, so glad I missed it. I hate Panic now.

    And I know the feeling. I feel like my life is not even close to be interesting enough to blog about. Ugh.

  3. why do you hate canadians?


  4. im not canadian dont worry. i just find it sorta stereotypical.

    though i do like canada. might move there someday.


  5. sorry, but i have to disagree.