Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I couldn't stop laughing, no I just couldn't help myself. See, you messed up my mental health. I was quite unwell.

Refer to the last post if you're wondering what I've been up to in the last two weeks!
Oh! Where do I even begin? Maybe by saying that Major Tom is an awesome song and the version I have is by Shiny Toy Guns, but it's not the original version. You should go listen to it. It's sad and pop-y at the same time.
Well! Today. Where do I begin? Debate club was today. The topic was: is dating in middle school acceptable? Now, I think it is, but we kinda became the con group ("we" being Lolo, Kim, Vorn, and myself). Oh well; it was fun. And our argument was really good, but it ended up being a tie! A TIE! But it was still really fun, even though there were a total of nine people until Basil showed up (he was at Running Club...lol. Running Club.) He joined the other group with Apple AND was being a jerk. One of my arguments was a conversation I overheard in FIFTH GRADE, with one boy telling another boy that if his girlfriend of three months hadn't kissed him yet, he should just break up with her. And then BASIL said, "I don't want to make this a personal argument or anything, but we're talking about MIDDLE SCHOOL, not fifth-graders." (actually, he said something else, but this is all I can remember...lol). And he didn't even look at me (we were behind him). He just kinda looked to the side. That asshole.
But hanging out with Vorn was cool. And Kim and Lolo, of course.
Now that I FINALLY have Internet back I really wanna IM someone, but NO ONE is on. Fail. Failfailfail.
Oh, and because I promised, my favorite subjects in a vague semblance of order: writing, psychology, philosophy/religion, dreams, books, foreign policy, words that rhyme with/sound like molicy, revolutionarism, history, tutoring inept 7th graders who sit next to me in math, photography, complex math, drawing, fashion designs, interior decorating, gardening, animals, and science. Note: I'm interested in all of these. I'm just interested in writing a wee bit more than science.
Also! Career thoughts: teacher (meh.), editor, bookstore owner, senator (don't ask. just don't ask.), or film maker. Well, those and revolutionary, but that's not exactly set in stone, now is it?
I'm glad Basil wasn't around when I made a speech on how dating, liking people, guys, being rejected, and breaking up seriously mess up your mental health.
Oh, and another note: I've been wanting to put up those lyrics as a title since I heard the song, and I FINALLY remembered! They're just so perfect, you see, because I am a maniacal/random giggler, and it's usually prompted by he-who-must-not-be-named. So, YAY!
I feel like I should mention that the mall with Silver was very fun, and I'm going to completely remake my image in high school OR ELSE.
Ah! I should mention high school. Now begins the faze where we start thinking about high school and coming up with our schedules. And I'm faced with a dilemma: take the harder Honors classes even though really all it is is more work, or swallow my pride and go with AP? Shucks, I don't know. I know which one will make me feel better (about myself, lol) but I don't want to be swamped with work.
And yet, I'm not going to go work on that. I'm going to sit in front of the computer in a dark room and refresh the page every five minutes to see if anyone commented.
HAHA, NO! Actually, I'm going to go read everyone's blog. WELCOME BACK TO ME, AND HELLO!

EDIT: I'm currently in the middle of three books:
  1. Need by Carrie Jones
  2. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margeret Stohl
  3. Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson
AND I'm having a delicious enchilada thing for dinner.
AND my dad starting talking to this writer-lady, and she gave me a present: a magazine called Teen Voices. And on the envolope it came in:
For our conversation, please tell your daughter to rock on at whatever she chooses and writer's are the best.
Haha! And now my dad wants me to print out a 60-page story to show to her. Meehee :)


  1. you are alive, thank goodness! that stinks that you guys tied, that's so frustrating! i'd enjoy the jobs of editor or bookstore over as well. jobs that could potentially involve a lot of reading sound enjoyable to me, hehe!

    wait, for you guys honors classes are harder than AP? that's kinda strange! i'm not sure what to do, considering i go through the same indecisiveness at the start of every new school year as well...

  2. OMG you're back!!!!!!! yay! i've been so bored without our word verifications!!

    those careers sound awesome!!! and the writing thing! epic, epic!! :D

    sorry that you tied. not cool.

    i LOVE Major Tom!!! Shiny Toy Guns version a bit more than the original. BUT thats just me :P
    word verification: quelloan. Qwell-oan. haha quelloan funny!

  3. Hell yeah i watch Heroes!! Heroes is boss!! Who's your fave character?

    Okay, p-tatt is the greatest verification ever! next to fiessema. :P Fiessema is still king. hahahahah!

    yeah, writing is pretty much boss too. very epic!

    ferelore. lol!

    um Neuddi. I dunno if i like that. Sounds like a person who walks around nude all the time. lol!!

  4. yeah i wanted to finish peaches but my mom found out what it's about so she took it away from me Y_Y i really wanted to finish the book.

  5. Happy, I will. I will.
    Haha your mom's all strict.