Friday, January 29, 2010

The way she feels....

Well! After failing to make me buy a crapload of new songs LAST time, iTunes has resorted to cranking out a bunch of emo-screamer songs for my listening entertainment. Bah. If only these songs were actually GOOD. I'm already on the fourth song and it all sucks so far. iTunes really has to step up it's game if it wants to keep me from switching to something cheaper and more convenient, like Rhapsody. Speaking of which, I want a Rhapsody. Now.
  • You Make It Real by James Morrison
  • One Thousand Apologies by Demon Hunter
  • Ambrosia by Alesana
  • The Way She Feels by Between the Trees
  • Set the World on Fire by Symphony X
  • Time to Dance by Panic! at the Disco
  • 4 Minutes by Avant
  • Blueside by Rooney
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday by Pillar
  • Help, I'm Alive by Metric
  • Vanished by Crystal Castles
  • Russia Privjet by Basshunter
  • Booty Dew by GS Boyz
Fail, iTunes. Fail.


  1. Foobar2000 > every other audio player
    bittorrent > buying music

  2. I've been listening to The Clash because I've been feeling punkish lately.

    And ROONEY. :DDD

  3. Firstly-I LOVE Rooney!
    Secondly-Help I'm Alive by Metric is pretty darn amazing! So yeah. Hah.

    I LOVE the music video for Haven't Met You Yet! LOVE it! :D

    I totally forgive you! Duh! How could i not? We are word verification buddies!! :P

    Kullyto is pretty darn rad. But BARKY Is hilarious! Now the word is: babiliz BABILIZ oh yeah, im using THAT in everyday conversation! :D