Thursday, January 28, 2010

It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should've been right.

I don't know why, but I seriously love that line.
I feel like I should mention that today in humanities, Daniel said the State of the Union speech last night was epic, and I completely and totally agree. That boy is adorable *sighs*
[Carry Out--Timbaland]
Well! Today was just as boring as every single other freaking day this entire day. It's been practically TWO WEEKS since anything of even mild interest (read: anything involving Basil) has happened. Except I zapped Happy, and she, expecting it to be Catman, looked. HAHA, HAPPY. It was Basil. Yes, I'm bad.
So in LA, she was making a big deal about it (cuz she was mad I didn't write Catman, lol) and Gross asked what she was asking Basil. So he asked her/me if she was asking him if he liked me. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
I responded with: "Huh, well, that's not really a question, now is it?" And he kinda nodded in agreement. Bah, I don't like Gross. And I don't like that he'd actually think I'm stupid enough to NOT know Basil hates me.
[Colorado Sunrise--3OH!3]
Anyway, then Happy asks him out (delcaring quite loudly that I zapped her), and we all laughed, and he said no.
OH MY GOD. We had pacers today (a.k.a. the most unGodly thing ever devised for school). We needed 23 to pass. Last time I got 24. And this time? A FREAKING 20. I'm not even going to try to explain this, because honestly, I'm sick of it. But it means I have to do an activity log, which is stupid because the only activity I get is gym and walking to the bus stop every day.
I give up.

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  1. hahaha.. very funny. i will get back at you, i don't know how but i will ;)