Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah, we're going down.

Well. Darn. According to the High School Meast councelor, if we really want to get into an Ivy League college, we better take all honors, get all As, and be super-involved in the school. Um, what? NOOOOOO! In that case, there's no way I'm getting into Princeton, my dream school. But, really, why would I take Honors Science when I'm not planning on a career in science, or anything remotely related to it? I'm a writer, not a physician!
And another thing: I want to take about eleven classes, including electives. But, OH SNAP, there's only eight slots!!! OH, JOY!!! Fudgles. And I haven't even tallied up credits yet. And I really, really don't know what to do. I don't want to sacrifice anything, you know? But I have to fo some stupid reason. There goes psychology and any art classes I might've once dreamed of taking. Bah! Stupid one-space-for-an-elective schedule.
Anyway, in high school, I'm really hoping there will be SOMEONE, at least ONE person, who will take my mind off Basil, hopefully for good. I'm so sick of him, so sick of everything in general. I'm just bored. And I do stupid things when I'm bored.

Anyhoos! Apparently Basil thinks*knows* I stare at him at lunch. Okay, first of all, I do NOT stare, I GLANCE OCCASIONALLY. Second of all: GAR! HE THINKS I'M A PSYCHOTIC STALKER FREAK!!
One day, I'm just going to completely lose it and flip out. Like, beware. I will probably have a few choice words for SOME people.
I am right now shaking with hunger, which is ridiculous, because I packed my own lunch today!!!
And I just ran out of things to say. Comment? Bah, I'm begging, but deal. Comment NOW!

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  1. how does he know? I mean, your tottaly not obvious or anything.