Monday, July 12, 2010


40 more to 500! Woo.
Okay, sorry for all the crappy blogging. I promise this one will be a proper entry. Haha, I really just wanted to use 'proper' in a sentence.
I went to the mall with Sharebear and Kimber today! Wootastic. But first we saw Despicable Me, which was...okay. I mean, it got a few chuckles and a few squeals (of cuteness), but overall, it was more meh than anything else.
Then we crossed a bridge to the mall, which I did NOT freak out on.
Then we pretty much meandered through the mall, stopping at a few stories but not really buying anything, until we hit J.C.Penny's. At some point there was some random alarm and we were outside for about five minutes before decided nothing was happening and going back inside...but anyway. We spent most of the time at J.C.Penny's, where Kim and Sharebear got a crapload of clothes for me to try on. That took awhile, yes. Haha, I now officially own a pair of shorts. Like, actual shorts, not just capris. I like the idea of buying clothes outside my comfort zone; it's all a part of being someone completely different in high school. Or at least on the outside, you know.
At some point I will get a haircut...and go back to school shopping...and spend the rest of my money. Yay. Haha. I still have over 200 to spend, so...I need to go to the mall again. Maybe I'll invite Nat and Lolo. Haven't hung out with them all summer...nope...
Okay, so maybe this wasn't a proper blog entry. Maybe it's still so short =.=


  1. ok, for some reason my reader has been telling me you haven't posted in ages, which confuses me, because LOOK, you have posts! So I apologize for my apparent disinterest, I thought you had just disappeared!

    I reallllllly want to see despicable, reaaaaaalllllly realllly badly...

  2. Wow, I only have 180 something entries. Kudos for almost breaking 500!

    I want to see Despicable Me but it's only gotten "meh" reviews. It's not terrible but it's not great either. Still, it'd be a reason to hang out with friends.

    Doesn't J.C. Penny's have another 'e', so it's J.C. Penney's? But I could be hallucinating.

    I love back to school shopping. I can't believe I could legitimately be doing it soon.

  3. RE: My blogs on Red was "No One Ever Listens to Me" and "[Meh.]"

    It's okay. No need to feel lame over that.

    You get to start high school! Yeah, I know how you feel.

    It does and it doesn't stink. I've gotten used to it. My freshmen year there was a hurricane/tropical storm that hit the first week of school so we literally went to school for the first day, had a week off, and then went the following Monday for the second day. That was fun.