Sunday, July 18, 2010


I promise that not all of my titles will be numbers forever. Really! And now for a list.

Things of Yesterday

  1. Hot.

  2. The mother and I drove around for awhile looking for an acceptable wall to practice tennis on. I like tennis, even though SOMEONE skipped out on me *coughKimcough*

  3. HOT.

  4. We finally find one at some random school, and it's HOT, and I'm dying, and Mom is sitting in an air-conditioned vehicle watching me fail.

  5. SO HOT.

  6. I manage to hit two of three balls onto the roof with the mother comes out to show me how it's done, or something. Very quickly she hits the THIRD ball over the roof. So we go back to the car to buy more balls, only to find out the car won't start.


  8. I make a giant "HI" out of sticks, read about New Jersey (Joisey?), and about an hour after we've finished baking my dad shows up with his van.

  9.'T the dog...who ate the apple pie you made for your was me...
Things of Today

  1. topeka.

  2. Bored. Hot. I don't actually remember what happened today.

  3. OH YEAH. I went to staples and bought...7 multi-colored notebooks, 2 packs of mechanical pencils, and 1 pack of multi-colored hi-liters. It's like happiness.

  4. Played video games. Specifically, MySims and Mario Galaxy 2. Because I know you care.

  5. I'm moving to Antartica. I'm moving to Antartica. I'm moving to Antartica.

  6. When I turn 16 I am totally going to work at Barnes and Noble. It's my calling.

  7. Hot.
Just for clarication: no, I do not have a wife, and no, I'm not moving to Antartica. I'm moving to Vermont.
I also have something that isn't really important but I REALLY WANNA TELL SOMEONE! This would be a great time for Kimber to go on Facebook. Jus' sayin'.

Oh, and Question of the Day: What should I write in my notebooks first? :D


  1. I think I might make my titles numbers. Goodness knows I'm running out of creative title lyrics to use. At least for now. Things may change.

    It's really hot in Florida, too. Shocking, I know.

    I've been playing tennis every night with my brothers (now only one brother) and various friends. I've gotten my friend Zack to come play tonight and it should be funny to watch him to try to play. hehe. :)

    Last summer my mom's car broke down and my dad was out of town. That was not a good day.

    I'd like to work at a bookstore as well.

    I went to Target to get school supplies last night. That's what I was going to potentially vlog about once my backpack ships in the mail. (Haha, I ordered it online.)

    Answer of the day: I dunno. Aren't these for school?

  2. ^^^ Please do ignore my typos/grammar fails.

  3. Dont move to Vermont, move to Saratoga...we even have a wall specifically for tennis, with lines on it and everything, in one of our rec parks...

    Yeah, time travel will do that to you...

  4. I'm sorry you missed my your two-year hlog anniversary. :/

    True story: Hot in the U.S.A.

    Tennis is very fun, indeed. Especially when one of the guys that goes is turning into one of your best friends/potential love interest. It's a shame he's going to college in the fall. Thank you whoever invented Skype.

    I am not in fact 16 and only 15. (16 on 10/10/10! :D) Believe me, it's getting old real fast when my friends are either posting about their new cars or hanging out with me and are driving to meet up.

    I don't go to Starbucks. Does that make me insane?

    Yes, you may have mentioned that you enjoy back-to-school shopping before. It's a-okay. As I said, I'm exactly the same way. Just wait until you watch my next vlog. Haha.

    Oh, alright. Whatever makes you happy. :]

  5. ^^^ I really need to start proof reading before I hit 'publish your comment'.

  6. Yeah, I understand.

    :D I know. Haha, I was never denying that tennis could bring together lovers. ;) That's a good question...I don't think I'm going to blog about him, no. Not yet, at least. This may sound stupid but I want our conversations and interactions to be more private and intimate. If we do in fact start dating then maybe I'd spill.
    Well, for starters, he's awesome and super smart (he's going to Cornell for Chemical Engineering.) He can also make me laugh and smile which obviously translates to he's funny and adorable. :D

    Thanks. There's nothing wrong with being young.

    Oh,fine, I'll live my sad and empty life without Starbucks!

    I want my backpack to come in the mail. NOW.