Sunday, July 11, 2010

A question for all y'all high school people...

Okay, so, I'm starting high school in two months, and they have failed to supply us with a supply do you people suggest? Binders? Notebooks? One of those accordian-thingys?

Sorry for the crappy blogging! I promise I'll have more tomorrow.
Oh, and I've also been tasked with taking care of Vera's family's hamsters till August. They actually wanna pay me 60 bucks for this, and I'm like, nooo....


  1. Well, by high school they usually don't send out supply lists because it's just not cost effective. Basically just pay extra careful attention to whatever your teachers might say you need during your first day.

    However, here's what I suggest:
    -- plenty of blue, black and red pens
    -- pencils (obviously)
    -- highlighters (yellow is best)
    -- a folder to hold loose-leaf paper and random handouts
    -- one notebook to jot down notes
    -- a sturdy backpack (or work on your arm muscles since most girls opt to just carry a small tote and/or purse and lug around everything else in the crook of their arm. Personally, I did this for the past two years and I managed ((and I didn't use my lockers very well)) but it was probably terrible for my back)
    -- a reliable scientific calculator
    -- a pack of colored pencils (the count really doesn't matter)

    And, I can't think of anything else right now. I'll comment again if I do! :]

  2. binders. notebooks. folders. pens. pens. pens. and everything else Lizzie said.

    avathwhe. Ava-thwee. hhahahahah