Friday, July 23, 2010

Lists! Hurrah.

Things I Need to Do Today:
  1. Feed/water some adorable hamsters.
  2. Think of something to write for mix tape.
  3. Think of something to do for the REST OF THE SUMMER. OH GOD WHERE DID IT GO??
  4. Get either Kim or Sharebear to go to the mall with me on Saturday (or both).
  5. Write something in my latest story.
Things I have Done Today:
  1. Finished reading Girl With the Pearl Earring. It was okay.
  2. Thought about someone I really shouldn't be thinking about.
  3. ...nothing.
I can't believe the summer is half over. I still have practically no clothes and I STILL HAVE FREAKING ACNE. You'd think with washing my face every day, it would at least LESSEN. I mean I guess I haven't had any breakouts but SERIOUSLY, IT'S NOT GETTING ANY BETTER EITHER. *sigh* I really need new clothes, too. I have around $200 to spend, seriously! SOMEONE GO TO THE MALL WITH ME!
Oh, and yes, before any of you ask, my caps lock button was definitely just broken in that last paragraph. I'm not just crazy.
I suppose I should stop just lazing around the house all day, but seriously, I hate doing things by myself. There's no one for me to do more, I dunno, exercise-y stuff with! Foop.
Ta-ta. I'm off to do...I dunno, stuff.


  1. I love doing things by myself, and I'd totally go to the mall with you. Only the plane ticket might cost more than $200 :P

  2. I would go to the mall with me, but that'd be kinda sketchy on my part...that, and I'm flat broke right least in terms of money I have to spend all willy-nilly...

    Yes my ellipsis button was broken just then...

  3. Like Ailish, I would go to the mall with you if it wouldn't cost me more than $200 myself to get there!

    RE: It's a good idea to put those books on the list but I also recommend still reading other teen fiction or just fiction because most of the teen fiction is Twilight and Twilight wannabees.
    Willow by Julia Hoben was pretty good, though.

    Yes, it is VERY creepy that you love my voice. haha.


  4. I'm really sorry for my fickleness. I decided that that post didn't belong on this blog but on my Tumblr instead. :/

    Now I feel like a horrible person. Great.

  5. I don't want to think about the summer being anywhere near over yet. It's just too depressing to think about.

    I would definitely go to the mall with you, too, except for the aforementioned reasons previously noted by my fellow bloggers. I actually prefer going to the mall without my friends though, actually, cause I take way too long to decide what to buy, haha.

  6. Oh, okay. Then I do feel like a horrible person.

    Yes and no. What I feel towards him can't be love yet only like. It's someone else and I guess you're right, I don't feel like discussing it. At all.