Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Woo. Change.

Yes, I changed my template. It's been some good months, ol' Purpy, and you were a good template, but alas, I've moved on to better things now.
And by 'better', I do not mean better. Obviously, this dark, confined little misery-pot is not as good as ol' Purpy, my old layout. I learned my lesson with dark-backgrounded blogs: they're never as popular. But I felt like changing it. Maybe tomorrow I'll change it to this: Either way it'll feel confined. I hate those borders. They make everything seem to crowded.
I'm not loving the whole red-white-and-blue thing going on, but I had to add the blue in to make it less...I dunno, miserable. It still seems pretty miserable, doesn't it?
I really wanna die my hair blue. Just to see what it looks like, you know?


  1. Neither seem very colorful...

  2. Dye it blue! I'll dye mine orange. Like Hayley Williams.

    ruywm. i don't even know...

  3. You'd look like Marge Simpson :)

    No, but it could be pretty cool ^^,

  4. As I'm sure I've said before, change is good.

    RE: Ah, I'm pessimistic and think he won't ask me out. I believe we can keep in touch for sure, though. I even have his mailing address at college so I can send him things. :D