Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm being lazy. Forgive me. But seriously, 31 more posts! Not bad, methinks. Haha, considering the rate I'm going, I'll probably reach 500 around September.
OOOOOH, and my birthday is in exactly a month! I think I have a pretty damn cool birthday. I mean, really. August 25th. It just flows, you know? 8/25--sweet. It's a cool date. It just is. Hmm, I wonder what I'll do for my birthday?
There's actually a high-school orientation on that date, but HOPEFULLY none of my friends are going on that date....*eyes menacingly* Silver will be back by then! Hurrah!
I need to go shopping again.
Haha, technically I just went to the mall with Sharebear yesterday (:D), but alas, I didn't buy anything. She did, though! She's smallish, so she doesn't find many things in her size. To which I say: That sucks. I can find anything in my size. I just don't always like my size. Anyway. Before I go on another self-deprecating rant...
We saw St. Clair! 'Member him? On my bus? Grade above me? Amazing blue eyes? Completely and utterly perverted? 'MEMBER? Yeah, we totally saw him, but alas, he didn't see or acknowledge us. Oh well. It was so weird seeing him, though. He kind of reminds me of Tyler. A bit.
I totally realized almost a year afterwards that the whole thing with Tyler sounded completely fake, like I was just making him up so it would seem like a guy liked me, but it was COMPLETELY REAL. The thing is nobody, especially the guys, knew that. I don't know if they believed me or not, but they probably didn't and added like ten bajillion points to my desperate/creepy meter. Sigh.
So I'm thinking of buying a crapload of clothes online and then returning the ones I don't like so I don't actually have to shop. I still wish someone would help me, though =.= I'm such a fail at shopping. Even online.
Anyone know how to lose ten pounds in a month? ANYONE?
Oh, and I started another story but I don't like so I'm going to delete it. Yup that was imporant. I feel like I could write if I wanted to, but I just can't think of anything decent to write.
I'm hungry. Goodbye.

Marco is fluffy.
Fluffy, fluffy marco.


  1. 8/25 does flow. EPIC WIN. (:

    Holla. Ok, thats pretty much the most epic word verification ever! Next to Fiessema, of course. :P

  2. How do you want help buying things online? Should I post clothes of sort I would wear?

    RE: I'm sorry I was being harsh.

    No worries about the mix tape entry. I don't expect anyone to produce perfection day in and day out. I know my Tie-Dye post was quite lame.

  3. I actually know someone born on pi day...

    Buy most of my shirts online at least, it's much easier than going to a bunch of stores looking for stuff...I'm actually wearing the "We Love You Leif Ericsson" t-shirt that I made today, and so far nobody has made a comment, which makes me sad...

    I actually lost 10 pounds in about a month following the weight watchers program, which is surprisingly easy...
    Of course then I got passive, even though I still need to drop 40 pounds...

    Kitteh :3