Thursday, July 15, 2010

Karayan: It sounds like a girly name, doesn't it?

I have to make it more manly. Like, just Kayan or something. It is a guy's name, for some reason, and it means "dark" in some random language.; very helpful site, once you get around all those damn pop-ups. Ah, it's Armenian, and it just seems too girly for this guy. I mean, seriously, his nickname could be 'Kara', which obviously wouldn't work.
Anyway. My story-thingy. It starts off with a legend that I totally just made up:
There are three sisters; Aine, Tien, and Siofra, and they all fall in love with the same man. Tien, the middle-sister and the most beautiful of the three, is greatly loved by the angels, who consequently make it so that the man loves her and her alone. Siofra, the youngest and second-most beautiful, is sure that he loved her before the angels got involved, and in a fit of jealous rage attacks and kills her beloved sister.
The angels, enraged that their favorite is gone, are about to strike Siofra dead when the man begs them to spare her. Because their favorite loved him, they consent, and instead curse the youngest sister to live without a heart for all time.
The angels then try to bring Tien to their heavenly palace, but Fraenir, the King of the Underworld, is enamored with the mortals beauty and drags her to his palace to be his queen. She refuses to speak or even look at him, and when he finally presses her to talk, she declares she would rather wander the Earth forever than be with a man she doesn't love. Furious, he dispels her into the world as a shade, only to immediately regret it. He sends his hounds and horseman after her, but they never find her. Convinced the angels have taken his beloved Tien, he declares war upon their kind, and that since they have already taken two of the sisters, he will take the last sister for his own.
The last and eldest sister, Aine, heartbroken over the loss of her sisters, rebukes her love for the man and all men. To win her over, Fraenir curses the man to wander forever in search of his true love, believing it to be the lost Tien. The angels, who also want the last sister as their own, appoint her as queen of all lands. Recognizing the petty rivalry of the angels and Fraenir, Aine declares that she will belong to neither and only to the people over which she rules. The vengeful King and the vengeful angels, both furious that she rejected them, give her two separate curses--Fraenir, that she will fall in love with a man that she can never have; and the angels that she will too be struck down by her young sister just as Tien was.
So, as you can see, it's very long and confusing. Basically, there's a lot of curses and people wandering the Earth for all time. Very fun.
Anyway. That's just the back story. The real story, 1000 years later involves a girl named Aislin and her brother Aluin. There's also Karayan (Kayan?), who is obviously the man from the story. There's also an Ice Queen *coughSiofracough*, who is pretty much the whitest person ever (and I mean that literally). The Ice Queen, though not inherently evil, must kill her eldest sister, because the angels decreed it so. See, the angels are pretty much working against everyone but Tien here. Oh, and since Aine is [supposedly] dead, the Ice Queen must instead kill the descendants of Aine. Which is where Aislin and Aluin come in. Or maybe not. Either way, Aislin is somehow involved with the story, especially since she's the main character, besides being in love with a guy who sisters killed sisters for. And Aluin, her brother and bestest friend, ends up dead. Somewhere in this is Tien, who is still wandering the Earth as some beautiful apparition (she really was beautiful. angels like beautiful people.) and Fraenir, who is still searching for her and still doesn't like anyone else.
Yes, I know it's convoluted. I haven't really developed it into a real story yet, or figured out what I want to do with the characters, or even what I want to happen. I mean, there are some many points of view I could go from, and I don't like some portions of it because they just seem unoriginal. I mean, considering I based the entire thing off a couple of names I found in an old notebook that I really wanted to use in a story, I don't think it's that bad--it just needs some thought.
That's not even the point, though. I felt such a release when I was writing it. I don't know why, because it's not that worthwhile, but that's what I felt when I was writing it, you know? Yeah. Maybe my writer's block is coming to an end? Yeah. Okay. Blog over. Happy summer, y'all.


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