Sunday, July 4, 2010

Too bad about the tennis...

So, yesterday, as I innocently go upstairs to change into a tank top to play tennis, I behold a ghastly sight--my precious phone, the LG Xenon, in peices on the floor. That's about when I start crying like a little girl.
The back part that can come off? It was off, and about a foot away from the rest of the phone, pretty much destroyed. There were teeth marks in the battery (though the SIM card was okay--whew.) The front two buttons were completely caved into the phone, and when I tried to turn it on the screen presented me with a lovely multi-colored crack of death. That's when I started sobbing like a little girl.
Yup, the dog ate my phone. Damn dog. I don't even know how he got a hold of it; my guess is that it slipped out of my pocket when I was on the couch and he picked it up and carried it off to do his dirty work. In case you were wondering, the LG Xenon is pretty much the best phone ever, and no, they don't sell it anymore. And there's a year till I'm technically eligible for a new phone. So my dad devised a plan: get a new phone with his plan, but he'd keep the one he has and I'd get the new one. Yes, I feel bad about this, so don't think I'm so horrible person who demands others to give up their shiny peices of plastic. I think his thinking was that he could use Mom's two-year thingy (that ends in a month) to get himself a new phone, since she's perfectly fine with her phone.
Oh, and Mom? She actually had the audacity to blame me for this, as if I slathered the phone in meat sauce and left it in the dog's bowl. Because I was careless and should've had it in a case. Or something. Going on that thread it could be said that it was my parent's fault for not forcing me to have a case, or that it was her fault for not training the dog even though she's the one who wanted him in the first place. I would love to see if she would still say "Oh, puppy's chew!" if the dog ripped up her precious phone. And now their solution to the problem is to have Jake with us 24/7. As in, when we do feel like having him around, attach a leash and ignore him, and when we don't (and at night), stick him in a cage that's barely big enough for him to stand up in. What does this mean? Well, since Dad's at work all day and Mom's asleep all day, it means that if I don't want to feel like a terrible person I have to carry the dog around with me all day. Woot.
Okay. Well. There is a silver lining. I got a new phone: the Samsung Impression. It's the first phone I've ever gotten without any reviews first, but I do quite like it. Behold:
It's a bit larger and heavier than the Xenon, and obviously not as pretty a color, and has some different features and doesn't have conversation-chat (meaning on the Xenon, all the chat messages with one person would show up under their name in a conversation-format, and with this one all messages are grouped together). But still. It's pretty cool, I think. Plus it's way easier to type on than the Xenon, which was always a plus. Now I wish I had someone to text...
It's too bad we never got to go play tennis.

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  1. Awwww, that's terrible! D: My dog has eaten a lot of my things, but never my phone :/ It's obviously not your fault though. My mom does the same thing. But it's not like we're purposely doing these things, so telling us to be more careful/responsible/whatever does not help. Rawr.

    Hey, I think my friend actually might have the Xenon! Your new phone still looks pretty cool though :D