Thursday, December 16, 2010

A hoobj of fun.

I take the time to share with you now: The Adventures of Strawberry and Gem, a.k.a. The Bus Chronicles. For those of you who are forgetful, or just, you know, slow, Gem is my bus-buddy. Hurrah. Sometimes we just sit there in silence and listen to our iPods, and sometimes we just have a hoobj of fun. Hoobj, I tell you.
Today we kept a tally of how many times I said (excuse my French) f*ck for no reason in a single trip, breaking my previous record of 12, except we didn't actually keep track. Though she managed to say "That's bitchin'," a grand total of 3 times. We saw how many times people would wave back to us when we waved like frantic maniacs from the window. I won. And I made a fat face :)
Of course, the highlight of this 40-minute gleeride, and the entire point I'm feeding you this exaggerated spiel, is because she said she loved my hair, and it made me squee :)
I just finished a freaking amazing sandwich, and now I'm sad that it's gone :( I actually found wheat bread that I like, hoorah!
Yeah. I have a headache. I have nothing else to say.


  1. how would you pronounce "hoobj"?

  2. ^ What he said.

    Bus adventures are always fun! I remember in middle school this girl taking my books until I sang/rapped a song of her choosing while waiting to be picked up and taken home from the bus stop. I led, and still lead, one crazy life.

    Word verification: cable. It should be gabelle, because that's the name of the salt tax in pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary France. Wait, what? I have a 100 question history exam tomorrow? How'd you know? (It's 75 fill in the blank, and 25 chronology spanning a century. Yeeeeaaahhhh.)

  3. Hoobj is a fun non-word. :D And, the phrase "that's bitchin'" is pretty darn bitchin', I must say.

    Also, I find that the worst part about eating something really, really delicious is when you're at that last bite. Cause then it's just gone. And that's just tragic.

  4. Word verification: glizzle.

    I think that should be my nickname from now on, haha.