Friday, December 31, 2010


LOL I LIED THIS IS MY LAST POST! I totally realized I did not, in fact, have a resolution. Naturally the year won't be complete without one. I won't even go the typical route about how no one ever keeps them anyway, so there's no point. Nay, I won't even consider that. I'm so original.
So basically I can't think of anything that I've done for the last year that I could actually see myself changing this year. Last year I did not, in fact, acclompish my goal, but I don't care anymore so who cares? Wait, that sounded redundant. Anyway, I'm trying to avoid the traditional (for me, at least) "I WILL GET HIM TO TALK TO ME THIS YEAR!" cuz wait, that's pathetic. And everything else about myself that I don't like is not going away just because the months have changed.
So I guess I'll make the easiest resolution to keep, ever: at some point in the following year, I will straighten my hair. In public and stuff. I mean, not straighten it in public, but have it straightened in public. Revolutionary, I know.
Ooh, and also, I should probably make it a resolution to finish Nix by the end of the year...
I mean, I HOPE it takes less than a year anyway, but...yeah.

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