Friday, December 17, 2010

Twopah et unsenta.

I believe words cannot express how endlessly grateful I am that it's the weekend, especially since I actually have PLANS--yes! I'm not just sitting around playing Sims all weekend again! I'm as surprised as you are. Even better, I really don't have that much homework. Hell to the yeah, biyatches.

I'm currently trying to write another short story that doesn't deeply offend every wit and sense I possess, but alas, I'm know. In this one I'm just making up words, like promme, and Genrie Heri, and Cate Demoire, because I can. Because I can. I mean, the capitalized ones are just in another [fake] language, but "promme" is completely made up. Unless it's a word that I'm not aware of. It's a type of dress, by the way.

Now I look for gifts for people. ONLINE WOAH.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, making up words is quite amusing indeed. I loved that show Zoom where they spoke that amazing language of Ubbi Dubbi. Amazingness.

    But yeah. Happy weekend, and have fun online shopping! :D