Friday, December 31, 2010

Nostalgia, and other assorted goodies.

Science labs are the scourge of the Earth. No really. I have over a page of questions to answer for ONE SECTION of the lab, and all of the answers must be written together in paragraph-form. Please kill me.
Oh, and my dad has a blog. Behold it. Marvel in it and stuff. See, I didn't say anything about it before because I figured he wouldn't want a bunch of high schoolers as an audience, but he said he didn't care, so...woo. I think it's pretty dapper, especially considering he called my blog fascinating...tee hee. Because it is, of course.
So it's New Year's Eve! I suppose I should spend this time being reflective and shit, but I can't focus on anything because of the science lab. Including the science lab. Hold on, I have to clean up the remnants of my soul which are dripping out of my finger tips in a fetid pool of misery. And that is my year. Next year, all the individual numbers in the year add up to 4. And 4 is a magic number. So there.
I'm currently looking at my first post of 2010, considering this will most likely be my last. Unless I make a troll post that says LOL I LIED THIS IS MY LAST POST! Yeah, I could see doing that. Anyway. It seemed a requirement to be nostalgic, so here we go: I talked about death and posted lyrics to Paper Thin Hymn by Anberlin. 4 people commented. I expect four people to comment on this as well, you know. If you see four people have commented already, don't comment. Save it till next year, yo.
Let's see. Let's look back on the year. Have I done anything particularly meaningful? No, not really. I've spent the last fifteen minutes or so, instead of working on my lab like a good student, going through my entries looking for the one where I stopped liking Basil. I remember the day it happened. I remembered what I wrote, because I was afraid if I went around announcing it I'd fall right back into the trap again. I just don't remember when, or what the title was. I don't know why it's important to me how long I have till it's been a year, because the point is that I don't any more, but it feels like it is--important to me. Like it's a milestone, sort of. Even though it's not. Even though it doesn't matter anymore...
I wrote an entry in February that I think fairly well articulated the same thoughts I have now, but at the same time seem entirely separate from the thoughts I have now...
I remember, now. I made it past the two-year mark with him, so it was definitely after February 13th. Darn; I was kind of hoping this could be my first year without that poisoning everything. Sigh, now I'm all depressed because I was thinking about Basil.
Yeah. Nothing exciting happened this year. It was--it was gashnic. Just gashnic. Well, I guess starting high school is something. But it's not as monumental as I thought it'd be, you know? It was like, oh, look, here I am. Great. And that was all.
So I'm done being nostalgic. That was a fail. Happy New Year's and stuff!
[Maybe I'm Just Tired--As Tall as Lions]
This is my theme song for 2010. And it makes me sad.

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  1. Theme song for 2010, eh? (I've become Canadian.)

    I love As Tall As Lions and that song in particular.

    Word verification: oming. This is obviously what monks do.

    Officially, Happy New Year!