Saturday, December 25, 2010


So, pretty good haul this year :) I could share with you the delights of my morning, but instead, I'll just tell you what presents I got:
  • A camera! It's a Kodak-something-or-other, and is lavender, and is NOT battery charged, woo :) See, the old one mysteriously stopped working one day, and I [strongly] suggested we get a new one. And we did! And I love it!
  • Makeup! Technically, I'm not allowed to wear makeup outside the house until I'm 16, but my mom got it anyway for me to practice. And I love that, too! The makeup includes: probably the best mascara EVER, three different shades of eyeliner (black, sparkly blue, and sparkly purple), two sets of eyeshadow, foundation that actually matches my freakishly pale skin EXACTLY, blush, and three shades of lip gloss (purple, pink, red--yeah. wut.) It's pretty much awesome.
  • Two shirts from Hot Topic, both The Hunger Games themed! Yeah, haha. One is white and says DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL! and the other is, oddly, the exact same one Kerm got for Christmas as well, except in black as opposed to purple. Yeah. Awesome. I know.
  • A WIRELESS MOUSE AND NEW MOUSEPAD!!! None of you could possibly now the joy of this gift until you've experienced the horror that is (or, rather, was) my old mouse set. It had a wire. And it was awful. I could barely move it, which is NOT helpful when I'm trying to take pictures of some Sims character giving birth and accidentally hit the "Ultra Speed" button, or when I hit "Punch in the Face" instead of "Kiss Romantically", or some other crap. And the mousepad? I didn't have one for the first two (or so) years I had the compooter, and the one I finally got was stolen from the downstairs computer when we got a replacement and was old, and disgusting. Yeah. I'm happy about this gift.
  • A hair straightener/hair crimper. I admit, I don't do a lot with my hair, but maybe that's because the hair things I had were AWFUL. Oh, and I say hair crimper instead of hair curler crimps instead of curls. We played with it earlier today, and my hair is now wave-tacular. What.
  • A $15 iTunes gift card. I don't really know what can be said about this, except yay :)
  • Various other stocking stuffers, including that L'Oreal 360 Clean or whatever it's called, which is awesome, and socks.
  • Pajamas! I actually got this on Christmas Eve, as is the tradition, but I'll desribe them anyway: pretty much the comfiest pajama bottons ever, really soft, and black with white hearts and multi-colored peace signs...yeah, I'm stylish X); a bright green blanket made of the same soft, plush material as the bottoms, and a bright pink tank. It is comfortable. And I have worn it all day. Boo-yeah!
I got my mom a cookbook that is awesome, and my dad a journal that is awesome :D I made sure to save those for last, since they are just SO awesome. So yeah. Excitement. I love Christmas :D MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS! WHAT'D YA GET?


  1. I wish I got a camera. *sniffle*
    It's a real shame the one I costs $600+ and I'm doing everything I can to go to Scotland this summer.

    They have The Hunger Games themed shirts at Hot Topic? Looks like I'll be taking a trip to the mall soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! :) Wow, definitely a great haul indeed! I still have yet to read the Hunger Games... I WILL EVENTUALLY!