Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joy to the world.

So, with two questions let on my science lab, which is due tomorrow, I took a break (hah) to set up the Christmas tree, which we [FINALLY!] got last night, after much searching...but I won't get into that...anyway, I started with the lights. I always start with the lights. Who doesn't start with the lights? So I start with the lights. I'm putting a lot of lights. We have about six different strings of lights, seriously. Two colored, four white. Maybe more. I put up the colored first, but the tree seemed too sparse, so I put up some whites...still sparse and I grab my next string of lights, and holy hell, there is a knot in it the size of Montana. That took my twenty minutes to get out. I kid ye not, friends; twenty minutes. Maybe more. So I start hanging it up, only to discover THREE MINUTES LATER that there is ANOTHER knot also roughly the size of a state. Not Deleware, either. And I'm just like, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail no. So I come on here and look at the science lab again and flounder hopelessly. My phone just kind of left me. It currently has a message on the screen that says "DEMSBL BOOT Loader for MSM6298" and I don't know what it means, and regardless I can't call anyone, which makes me feel more lonely and cut-off from the outside world than I already am--what with Dad being at work and Mom being asleep. So someone answer this question:
In one reaction, you tested a gas that was produced and heard a "pop" which implied the identity of the fas. Which Part? The "pop" itself was also a chemical reaction [a seperate reaction from the one that made the gas in the first place]. What type of reaction was the second reaction? Write a balanced equation (with states of matter) for this reaction. Did any of your careful observations of the inverted tube support the presence of the products of this reaction? (Note: the second reaction is NOT the same reaction that generated the explosive gas in the first place).
Yeah. Someone answer that for me. Please.

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  1. I totally remember doing something really similar to that in chemistry freshman year. Except it was freshman year and I hated it so much that I tried to block it out as much as possible and have no idea, haha. :P

    But yay for Christmas trees! But definitely not yay for giant state sized knots. That's on par with the annoyance of knots in headphone wires.