Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I guess I should be going over my English essay to make sure it has "a strong topic sentence that clearly explains HOW the use of a particular element helped to enhance the work of literature, or a strong topic sentence that explains how say, Dickens' uses the Gothic motif more effectively than Bronte, because ...(reason)..." Yeah, I hate English. Maniscalco would say that what I wrote and what he requires is the difference between analytical and whatever the hell else (because I don't feel like thinking of a fancy term) but who the hell cares? I just so don't feel like thinking about anything.
This stemmed from a) my innate laziness regarding revision, and b) I had a little mini-breakdown when I looked at my science homework only to find he went over NONE OF IT in class, and reading the text book didn't help at all. I don't know the difference between a molecular and empirical equation, or whatever the hell it was. I MUST BE TAUGHT THINGS. DAMMIT.
Oh yeah, and, I went to Small Engines today during lunch :D I get the feeling that every time Kim invites me, she doesn't want me there the next day. Okay, that's not a feeling. Whatever. I talked to Up! Again! Yeah, I hate calling him that. He will be Wezzers. Anyway. He thinks I'm an idiot, and even though he's a jackass, I really wanna talk to him again to prove him wrong =.= Yeah, it's not going to work, but I MUST ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. Haha.
His argument was that there is no right and wrong, only what society tells us is right and wrong; my argument was that in place of a judge society had to say so. Oh, and he's also damn conceited and, ehhh, self-assured in his own correctness. BUT he didn't notice when I called him Wezzers. Strawberry: 1.
And now I take my leave. This was meant to be written yesterday, haha.

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