Monday, November 29, 2010


So today in World Civ. we actually breached on an interesting subject; if only the people in my HONORS class weren't so damn uninspired. They have such typical, insipid opinions on things like freedom, revolution, and natural law; things a person could discuss and define for hours.
Admittedly my definitions weren't very advanced, but only because we had, like, five minutes to write them. I'm glad we're finally starting the revolution unit, because, you know, I could get some ideas :) Anyway, it occurs to me that there is no such thing as freedom. None. Social freedom would be anarchy, but then it would cease to be social freedom, for concepts like 'social' wouldn't need to exist, and we would then be subjected to natural law. Nothing is free from natural law. I defined it, as quickly as I could, as "the connection and duty of all things to exist,"--if that makes no sense, it's because I couldn't finish it. If it does make sense, then congratulations; you're somewhat insane.
Anyway. I digress. If you go with the theory that everything is essentially made up of energy, then natural law would basically mean all this energy was equal. That doesn't make sense, you see, because science says all energy is not equal. I suppose it's actually more equality in nature, a balance of spiritual and physical awareness. Wow, this is making no sense. Stupid rambling head. What I mean to say is, in more poetic terms, is that everything is a balance because everything is inherently equal; the sun pulls the Earth and the Earth pulls the moon; the lion eats the antelope and the lion dies, his body absorbed into the ground, and the antelope eat the grass from the ground; the rapid deer could not survive without the immobile tree. People tend to forgot that humans are still subject to these laws, because humans are able to define these laws in their own bumbling language--humans are aware that there exists a balance that can never be broken, and therefore forget they there are just as bound to it as a bird is to the sky and a fish to water. And that's my main argument for why true freedom can never exist; all things are bound to natural order. I may jump, but gravity will always pull me down. I may swim through the ocean a million times and back, but I will never grow gills. I may imagine a million worlds in my head but they will never exist. I may pave over every tree in the world and yet still life would go on. The only absolute freedom is to transcend this order, which, as far as we are concerned, is impossible; the essence of oneself can never be changed or tampered with. Furthering that idea, it would be the duty--a duty to which every being is bound--to not try to tamper with the natural order, as that would only serve to destroy oneself, as all are a part of it.
Huh. That was rambling. What else did I write? I believe what I wrote for 'reason' was the acknowledgement of order, but I don't have much else to say about that.
Okay, now I remember what I was going to say; revolution is a natural attempt to restore natural order. Well, that came out wrong, because I thought this amazingly brilliant thought BEFORE I wrote the previous exorbiantly long paragraph, but let's see if I can recall it...In social terms, revolution is a movement towards freedom of oppresion, oppression being the antithesis of freedom; regardless that there is no such thing as true freedom--but I've argued that already. Okay, this isn't turning out well. I'm going to give up, and let other people argue this for me, because I completely forget the amazing thing I had to say about this =.=
So today pretty much sucked. It was just long. And boring. Plus I pretty much barely get the science lab, because math is HARD in science, and actual math was boring since it's SO easy, and English was spent doing vocab I ALREADY KNEW. But, apparently, there's some freaking awesome Health activity tomorrow, which Mel will not give us any information on. I'm a little scared, because tomorrow officially starts our "family life" (sex ed.) unit.
So I think I'm gonna go write. EVEN THOUGH I DON'T HAVE TO, YESH!

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