Monday, November 15, 2010

And people wonder why I get headaches...

So this is my day:
[Geometry] Period 1- I hate Uglyskirt. This class is boring. This class is easy. TRIANGLES REALLY? I hate Uglyskirt. SHE JUST REPEATED HERSELF AGAIN HOLY HELL. I WILL SHOVE A RUSTY HOT POKER DOWN HER EYE. Can't wait till health...stupid triangles...
[Latin] Period 2- I hate these people. I hate these people. I hate these people. No, wait, I'm apathetic about these people. Latin is mechanical. Small Door is nice. Stupid people.
*now, walking down the stairs, is when I feel my trademark apathetic despair, and consider asking Kim and Sharicus if they ever feel like running screaming out of the classroom, or punching everyone in the face, and shoving pencils into soft, furry things, but decide against it*
[Health] Period 3- Woo health. Daniel! *blushgiggle* HEY SHARICUS AND KI--oh wait lecture. Damn. HEY SHARICUS AND KI--oh wait end of the class. Damn.
*at this point, walking with Kim to the F-wing, I wish longingly to join Small Engines and chill with Wezzers, but*
[Lunch] Period 4- I hate lunch. I hate lunch. I don't even EAT lunch. No one is talking to me. Sanguine is drawing and being sad. I AM BEING SAD TOO.
[English] Period 5- Woo home stretch! Oh wait...English. This isn't so bad. THIS SUCKS. This isn't so bad. THIS SUCKS. Damn essays.
*at this time I despair that I am going to world civ.*
[World Civ.] Period 6- Good God is this class over yet?
[Art] Period 7- This is fun! Except for the teacher. Man, she's anno--WHAT CLASS IS OVER ALL READY?
*I hate science. I hate science.*
[Science] Period 8- IhatescienceIhatescie--OHHAI CLASS IS OVER WOO.

And then I go home.


  1. I'm really glad I don't have 8 periods anymore... just 6. :/ I don't know how I would deal otherwise, haha. I frequently feel like shoving things of the rusty, hot, and sharp variety in peoples faces as well, unfortunately, so I feel your pain. :P Well, only four more days til the weekend... sigh!

  2. I really love the bit:
    "hate these people. I hate these people. I hate these people. No, wait, I'm apathetic about these people."

    It was funny. I chuckled...

    We only have four classes a day...

  3. I'm in between Natalie and Issac and have seven classes. AICE Math, AICE English Language, AICE European History, AICE Biology, pre-AICE physics, Spanish 3 and Drawing and Painting 3.

    Some days, I hate people too. Especially when those people have bad BO. :/

    C'est la vie?

    I MISS MY TENNIS LOVER. ha ha ha. ;D

  4. Yes, I do actually. :D
    I sent him a letter this past week and I wonder if he's going to write back. I try not to bother him, though. He should be out having the time in college. That said, when he comes home for Christmas, I am going to do whatever it takes to see him.

    This helps explain AICE: