Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! No turkey for us tonight, since my mom is working, but we'll have all that on Saturday. I actually know what I want to get Kim and Shari for Christmas already! Excitement! Not that they read my blog anymore, but I won't disclose just in case. I'm actually not sure about Kim's gift, but hell, who really cares? :)
The reason for my cheerfulness--considering I've been pretty out of it these past few days--is that I am MORE than caught up in NaNoWriMo, clocking in at 42,105 words as of now, with more to come. I've actually been consistently past the goal since Monday, which is awesome. Currently in what I've written tonight, there's been a lot of yelling and crying. Oh snap. Let me share with you a sentence from the story:
Hell yeah. Sorry to all you sensitive people out there, but that's just the line in the story. Personally I think it's a masterpiece. ENGLISH LANGUAGE FTW.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm using quite a large font. I think it's exciting. *sniffs*
So I kinda can't get over how much I love John, the character in my story. He's so awesome. In the last five pages alone he's beat the sh*t out of some jerk, pushed someone down the stairs, made out with the protaganist (Emilia), unabashedly admitted his love for said protaganist, put said protaganist before the entire country because he loves her, cried about his sister's death, and defied his jackass of a leader. He's a damn badass. Plus he has a house in New Jersey which makes us SIMILAR. Yeah, I love him. I might actually love him more than Aden, my fairy-with-a-dark-side whose not afraid to show his feelings. The similarity between them is that they're both not afraid to cry in front of their girlfriends. CUZ REAL MEN CRY, BOOYAH.
Okay, I wouldn't blame you if you skipped over that paragraph. Haha. Now I write. HAPPY TURKEY DAY Y'ALL.
How could you not love this face???

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  1. I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving! And that your Saturday will be filled with loads of yummy food, hehe.

    Yay for being caught up with NaNo! Holy guacamole, 42000 is a heck of a lot of words. Congrats! And John does sound rather badass indeed. Real men definitely are not afraid to show their emotions, and wear pink! Haha. :D