Sunday, November 21, 2010

And now you'll be mad at me.

So this is what I've done today: homework. That's pretty much it. A science lab and a PowerPoint in English that was, you know, SUPPOSED to be a group effort. Whatever, it wasn't particularly hard. I also wrote 2000 words for NaNoWriMo, which STILL makes me 1000 behind, so damn. Plus I have an essay due tomorrow, which, shocker, I didn't do. You know what? I don't even care. I am so TOTALLY not interested. I mean I'll do it tomorrow, obviously, but I don't care. Of course I guess it's sad that I've already reached the point where I just want to say f*ck it and not do any homework, because usually that's in the last week of school, but hey...this sucks. This just sucks. School sucks. I mean, I've said school sucks before, but this is just a whole new level.
[Feeling Good--Muse]
So I feel like being political. So here we go:
Religion--I don't care. I just don't care. Do you think religion is stupid, and everyone who follows one is a moron? Good for you. Have you find your way through Jesus/Buddha/whoever the hell else? Good the hell for you. You do that. You be happy there. But GUESS WHAT. I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE I DON'T CARE I DONT CAAAAAAAAAARE. I NEVER EVER EVER WANNA HEAR YOU. KAY?
Health Care--Stop being selfish and give universal health care. Not everyone is middle f*cking class. Yeah, the economy's bad. You know what else is bad? Your selfishness. What now, are you gonna cite examples about people who don't deserve health care? I will shove your 'what if?'s down your throat. WHAT IF HE WAS DRUNK DRIVING. WHAT IF SHE'S ON WELFARE AND DOESN'T HAVE A JOB/DOESN'T CONTRIBUTE. Well, guess what? What about the people who have a shitty job and can't afford 50,000 dollars for a broken arm? What about the people who work 12 hours a day and got suckered into a shitty plan? What, did I just throw those 'what-if's back in your face? Because, SHOCKER, not everyone who's poor is the scum of the earth. Get a soul.
Democrats vs. Republicans--Here's a tip for you: there is no Democrat and Republican. There is only scumbag and scumbag. Some politicians are worse scumbags than others. Their level of evilness is not correlated to whatever the hell they decide to call themselves. Believing there's a difference is a delusion, and you are delusional. Is that clear, now?
Gay Marriage--I'll repeat the same argument I have for religion: who cares? Really, who cares? Why is it personally affecting you if two dudes get hitched? WHY are you so SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY PIG-HEADED that you would DARE call this a sin? Yeah, guess what else is a sin? Judgment. Foundations of marriage? Really? Have you heard of DIVORCE? Yeah. Stop pushing your beliefs on other people. No one cares what you think. NO. ONE.
Abortion--Oh, come on. I won't say 'Who cares?' because obviously this is more serious than gay marriage, because this involves an actual life. Instead I'll say this: what gives you the right? Is abortion murder? Fine, then; you pay for baby clothes, baby food, diapers, education, doctor visits, toys; and then pay for college, too, while you're at it. What, you don't want to? You can't afford it? You can't give that child the quality of life it deserves? You're not willing or able to disrupt your entire life to take care of it? Now throw some 'what-if's at me. What if some girl's a slut and uses abortion as birth control? Oh damn, yeah, that's terrible. What if some girl is RAPED? What if they know they're going to have a seriously disfigured child, physically or mentally, that they are unable to take care of and would have a terrible life anyway? What if the baby is ill and probably wouldn't survive the full pregnancy? Now what? You stutter and say murder is a sin, regardless? Obviosly abortion is never a positive. Obviously there are situations where it's misused. But YOU--you, you self-righteous hypocrite--YOU have no right to tell someone if they can have an abortion or not. None at all.
Geez, what else is there? I can't think of any. I don't feel like it. Actually I guess I didn't feel like being political; I was just in a bad mood. Now you get to read it and be mad at me for disagreeing/being insulting/cursing. Just pick one. I'm tired. I'm going to write.

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