Thursday, November 18, 2010

The woooooooooooorld is eeeeeeeeeeeendiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Okay not really. But the WEEK is. Tomorrow is Friday! And then the weekend, and then another week, and then the weekend, and then so on...and so forth...
I am totally avoiding NaNoWriMo right now, like I do every day. It depresses me how skeletal and baby-like this story is. The message is either all at once so it loses it's meaning or nonexistent. And because I'm writing it from the point of view that I am--that is to say, a young woman in a rebel group who has by this point completely forgotten that she killed a guy and is only focuses on important things in giant paragraphs of death while everything else almost has nothing to do with the point of the story--it's hard to focus on the message. It's hard to write the message. Although some could say her personal insanity--or at least, the insanity that keeps fluctuating becomes sometimes I just don't damn feel like writing like a crazy person--represents the shitty way the world is going, and her deep devotion to protecting her niece is a parallel for the deep patriotism and revolutionary spirit she feels--but I digress.
So basically, once I get to the end of the month, I'm going to completely change the format so it's in short, 10-20 page chapters, and start it before she ever shoots the guy. I'm probably also going to really map out the plot line and develop the character's past more, get rid of some superfluous details--like their double names; that's just bad writing right there.
Actually, now that I think of it, I could probably do a Before/After type of thing--as shooting the President is supposed to be some huge tipping point in the revolution, which should really have been going on for awhile, but seems to have just started when I started the story, which wouldn't make sense at all. It should really be a pivotal moment for Emilia, too; not just something she freaks out about for awhile until more important plot lines come up.
Normally I'd start writing this right now, but I feel like I have to finish this version--this very, very bad version; I don't know why. But I'll probably start planning everything out tonight...yeah...
Of course it will be fun rewriting 100 pages. Woo damn.


  1. 100 pages is a lot to rewrite... I guess I hope you figure out all the NaNoWriMo related stressfulness. :P

  2. why cant you just change it now? i mean, if youre avoiding and ignoring nanowrimo (you mentioned to me you were 2000 words behind, i think?) then why cant you give it up and fix the thing? if you think you could do something with it, than go ahead! but if its going to waste with all your other story ideas, why bother at all?