Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out.

'Despairant' is not a word. It should be.

Well! Today has been supremely uneventful. I did a worksheet. That's pretty much it, homework-wise. I still have to make a PowerPoint on whether or not Shakespeare wrote his works, and type up a lab report that was apparently due Friday. So, woo. Plus Sharicus and I were talking about going to the mall, so woo even more. But just because I feel like I have no time whatsoever. Not because it's not awesome going with Sharicus to the mall :)

I saw Harry Potter today! Yeah, I must say, it was pretty awesome. SO much better than the sixth movie, which sucked ass. I won't even apologize for my garish cursing right there, because it's true. The sixth movie sucked ass. But this one was great, haha. It just annoyed me SO MUCH, because I felt like I was only watching half a movie...yeah. Haha.

I love this song. Actually, I love that line that I have as my title, which comes from this song. Like, seriously, it's epic. I want that line on a shirt and I will wear that shirt EVERY DAY. And it will be so epic, no one will care that I've been wearing the same shirt everyday, because it's SO EPIC. I'd be like, "What? What? You think I'm gonna BREAK DOWN because everything sucks? Eff you. I'm BREAKING. OUT." And that's exactly how it would be.
See. See there. I did NOT use the f-word. Even though it would've been SO much more effective to get my point across. SEE.

I also love this song. No really. Now I'll get back to NaNoWriMo, cuz I'm damn far behind.

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  1. I'm not breaking out? What if I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking in? Or maybe I'm breaking up? Or breaking through or breaking away or breaking for lunch?