Friday, November 12, 2010

I have so many Muse lyrics I could post as a title...

And yet I won't. How sad for you.
Never mind I've been listening to the same Muse album for the past...what...four days now? Something like that. I cannot get over how amazing Muse is. Seriously, go listen to their music, and just TRY to tell me it's not amazing. You won't be able to. I would be listening to them, but I have a headache roughly the size of the state of Montana, which I guess means I shouldn't be blogging, but alas, here I am.
So basically, these were the things I thought about today: Up, the eventual downfall of The World (capitalized to to symbolize--hey that rhymes--'the world as we know it', or 'the world that exists RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT), and how I would never ever ever wanna try coke, heroine, etc--you know, all that crazy stuff. Seriously, though, if I was going to do drugs, it would not be something that only gave you a high. I would never do drugs regardless, but if I was forced to by some weird unexplained turn of events, it'd be something really trippy so I would go on some kind of writing extravaganza and publish a book made up of entirely the following characters: WOAH THE WORLD IS SHINY WOAH, and title it: The World is Shiny; My Adventures with Crazy Trippiness. That was a run-on sentence.
Yes, so. Back to my list. As for The World, writing about a revolutionary (NaNoWriMo; I'm 2,000 words behind, ugh) has, naturally, inclined my thoughts to more of the revolutionary sort. I go on and off with that. I've tried to make the story reflect how I think the world will turn out in however-many years: there's the Government Religion act, which would probably be titled something less conspicuous, which mandates Christianity as the only truly accepted religion; there's the Renewal of American Values, which pushes modest living, marrying young, and low aspirations; there's the banning of books that reflect America or Christianity in a negative light; there's the Wealth Distribution Act which allows the government to take a mandated fee from "all" citizens to give as an "economic boost" which may or may not have the "trickle-down effect"; there's the reinforcement of the Patriot Act which is basically a glorified version of the one we currently have now (unless that's been demolished...I'm not sure), and includes random sweeps of homes and other buildings, and the immediate seize of property, including bank accounts, with no warrant; there's the draft, the age of which was lowered to 16 and raised 40; and finally the mandatory 25% of every family's income that goes to government-funded projects, such as the war. Damn, that's a handful to read; sorry. You see, I've thought in my head for awhile about The Way the World Should Work (also capitalized, for the same reason) and I really should start writing it down, but, alas...
And finally, Up, who I may or may not like. I haven't decided yet. I'm worried if I decide I do and I don't yet, it'll fizzle really quickly--and yes, I guess I do want to like someone, even when there's no hope of them ever returning the feelings. I feel like any guy I could have a crush on is held to impossibly high standards of crush-dom, since the last crush I had was a pretty all-consuming thing, and crushes aren't really supposed to be all-consuming--damn, I am rambling today. But it's hard to feel little things, you know, once you've felt something big, if that makes any sense. And since it's hard to feel that little thing, it's hard for it to grow into a big thing. It's like a giant flower, even if it's dead, still blocks out the sun for a tiny seedling trying to poke it's head out of the ground. Even if that sun is pretty darn acrid, and that seedling is going to grow up to be a weed just like that damn giant flower.
Okay, I'm definitely rambling now. I have an unheard-of amount of homework, including the joyous task of recreating an Edward Hopper painting using watercolor, which somehow we're supposed to do in two days, and a science lab. No more needs to be said for those. But I'm probably going to use this picture:
Something about it is just really relatable to me, even though it's not very compelling, at least in my own opinion. I want to say it is, because there's something somewhat stirring about it, but not unsettling--I guess there's not a huge, dramatic feel to it, because it's very simple--a woman looking out the window--and there isn't a huge bright point, and nothing really draws my eye to any one place, except for the girl--only a little, though, because she has such a similar color scheme as the rest of the painting--so my eyes are kind of free-roaming about it, not really able to focus on anything. It's not really lonely, either; while obviously she's a solitary figure, the painting is too generally light-colored to feel sombre or sad. I'm trying to see what the green thing on the table is, but alas, I'm failing.
So this is pretty long. And about nothing. My cat is so goofy-tacular. He keeps walking back-and-forth on the keyboard, and purring even though I'm not actually petting him. Aw, gawsh darnnit, he's so cute!
Two pictures in one post! You guys are really living the good life, huh?
Yes, well, now he's lying on me. Behold him. Behold his goof-tacular-ness. Imagine that blue-tastic bed sheet is my lap, and you will have in your head a picture of Marco.
Why have I written so much? I would say I'm cheerful, which isn't necessarily true; or talking to people just inspires me, which also isn't necessarily true; so I guess it'd be a combination of the two...either way, I expect bitchin' long comments for my bitchin' long entry, yahear? :D


  1. I would say you wrote such a long post to avoid homework and catching up on NaNoWriMo (did I spell that right?)

  2. I wish there was a way to see what it was like to be on drugs, like all high and crazy and trippy and loopy and seeing the walls melt and whatnot, without actually doing drugs, haha. :P Cause I think that would be kind of interesting just to see what would happen.

    I like the painting! It's nothing extremely extravagant or anything, but I definitely do like it. Also, your kitty is cute. :D