Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is. All day I've felt like it should be Tuesday, and all day yesterday I felt like it should be Thursday. Stupid days.
I feel like a slogan for NaNoWriMo should be: NaNoWriMo. Writer's block isn't an option. Cuz seriously, I have been unable to come up with ANYTHING yesterday and today, and now I'm 3,000 words behind, and that number doesn't seem to be going down. I have the focus of a squirrel when I'm not writing a part I like--which is now. But it's getting to a part I do like, so I have to go through it. Dammit.
I have Model UN tomorrow, and this is how much I want to go: 0. I hate staying after. I hate the late bus. I hate getting home at 5--especially for a twenty-minute meeting. At the same time, though, I kind of have to go--that whole responsibility thing and stuff. If I staid home one week, I'd stay home every week.
I really have nothing to write about. I'm just avoiding NaNoWriMo.


  1. Yeah, getting home from school way late is never fun. Then it's already basically dark out and you realize you have way less time to do homework much less have any relaxation time whatsoever. STRESS. But good luck breaking through your writer's bock! D:

  2. You could just be like me, and write a short story instead.

    Shit, I haven't even finished that...