Saturday, December 18, 2010

The stars were bright all through the night.

So I actually submitted something to Demogorgon! Woo, I feel special. Silver and I had some discrepancies about the wisdom of an immortal dude jumping off a cliff after the woman he loves, but, who cares? I think it's damn good.

Today I went to the mall with Happy! Happy never goes to the mall. Ever. Her mom is afraid of the world, or something. But anyway. It was fun! I got Sanguine a present, and it is a ring. I think I'll drop to one knee when I give it to her, haha. Just for funsies.

Of course, I still need a present for: Mom, Dad, Gem, Kim, Silver, and Happy. I have so many friends. Haha. Not really. That was redundant. ANYWAY. I saw this fantacular bracelet at Hot Topic. It's my new favorite thing. AND this locket-necklace thing at Nordstrom, which I can't find a picture of. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever.

I guess it's never too early to start thinking about what clothes I'm buying next summer, heh. I made a system, so it is impossible for me to have a bad outfit. Because that totally works. But now I'm anxious for summer to get here. In the middle of winter. Not that I wouldn't be anxious for this year to end, anyway...sigh...

I have a science worksheet due on Monday, and apparently on the same day we're having an in-class writing assignment on The Sound of Waves, which is an awful book. Really, it's just awful. But on Tuesday, I will gorge myself on brownies in Latin and Health, and on Wednesday, I will gorge myself on brownies in Health. Hell to the yeah, mofos. Okay, so I won't gorge myself. But damn, I love brownies.

I'm rambling to such an extreme extent by this point that I'm not sure why I'm even still writing...

In Hot Topic some girl I think goes to my school, who works though, complimented my shirt. A few months ago, I had been in their with a different shirt, and the same girl complimented that one too. Apparently, this girl likes my shirts.


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  1. Next summer clothes? I'm still in full winter clothes mode here! I'm waiting until after all the Christmas cash flow to go on a semi huge shopping spree, hehe.

    Mmmmmm... brownies. :D I wish my health class was that delicious.