Monday, December 27, 2010


So I remember, like, snippets of this epic amazing dream I had last night and I CAN'T REMEMBER ALL OF IT. It was a really effing good one, too. Spanned a long period of time, I think. WAS AWESOME. But I CAN'T REMEMBER IT.
See, I was listening to Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel, and it pretty much hit me. Which is weird, cuz the dream and the song really have nothing to do with each other. BAH WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER IT?!?!
[Over My Head--The Fray]
See, I'm listening to all these butt-old songs because I decided to listen to all the songs on my iPod, in alphabetical order. I'm currently on the O's. I only have, like, 423 songs on there...hah...
[Over You--Daughtry]
I really have nothing to say, naturally. Winter break. Woo! It's gonna go by too fast, of course, especially if I keep pissing the day away--oh! I woke up at 10:30 this morning. Seriously. I NEVER sleep in that late. The latest I've ever slept was 11, and that was because I went to bed at 5. I kind've felt like I'd wasted half the day...but, I mean, it's not like I was planning on doing anything anyway.
[Overweight--Blue October]
I am in desperate need of a shower. Yeah. I should go now.

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  1. I hate when you can't remember anything about your dream except that it was a good one. How frustratingly disappointing!

    I dislike sleeping in late, too. It totally feels like you wasted your day just sleeping away, even if you actually weren't going to do much that day anyways... I don't want winter break to be over though. D: