Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, Blogger is a butt face. I had a nice long entry to write yesterday but it wouldn't let me, so I wrote it on Word instead! Hooray for being proactive, or whatever.

I was completely set not to go to school yesterday, simply because I was afraid of, I don’t know, walking out of gym without jeans on or something, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Well, it wasn’t good, but it was eventful, I suppose.

I am horrifically mad at myself. You have no idea. In world civ., Teacher started talking about the big final project for the last unit of the school year, 21st Century Issues, and all throughout class I was determined to be in Up’s group. This may seem out of character for the everlastingly shy, meek Strawberry, but I was resolute. I had the entire scene planned out in my head, even the part where I avoided Sam since she would inevitably ask me to be in her group. I’m sure if my plan had succeeded, I would be writing now so joyously that rainbows would shoot from your screens and impale you with happiness. Teacher tells us to get partners, and I stand up, suddenly unsure of what to do, and immediately Sam asks me to be in her group. And I kind of stare at her and say “Um.” I mean, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. Everything went blank. I went into shock-defense mode and started talking to Leo but I couldn’t even remember my purpose—to work with Up. He was sitting by himself, too. Sitting by himself. God, it would have been perfect. How easy would it have been to ask him right there and round up a group with him and Leo? But I froze. I actually forgot everything. It didn’t even occur to me. And then by the end of class he was in a group and I was stuck with Sam and Megan, who I barely know. I seriously don’t even want to do this project anymore. It isn’t worth it.

What I really need is a fantastic plan to somehow finagle myself out of Sam's group and possibly into something with Up, assuming he's not already in a group with three people, which means I'm screwed. Seriously, I am not ready to give up hope! Maybe I'll go to the class in third period and plead, beg, and grovel to put me in another group. THIS WILL WORK.

But also on this topic, I think I'm a coward. I figured if I could get into a conversation with Up I could tell him of my group woes and SOMEHOW SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN. Well, at least I would find out what group he planned to be in, to see if it had two or three people in it already. Anyway. Today in world civ. we took a South Africa test, and by the end of class everyone was out of their seats talking to people. So I was talking to Leo, when suddenly Up comes over and starts laughing about how the other day, someone wrote "penis" on one of the slides in our English teacher's daily presentation, and it took everyone a moment to realize it, and it was hysterical. And I didn't really say anything. I mean, I laughed and everything, but I totally did not accomplish my goal of bringing up the project. In my defense the bell rang before I could, but STILL. I'm weak. Also, in regards to the English thing, I am aware that freshman have the maturity of prepubescent apes, thank you :3

In other, less depressing news, the math and Latin tests I was so dreading weren’t as terrible as I’d imagined—actually, the math test was downright easy. Math Teacher seemed perturbed that I had finished so early (the first one done!), and I was perturbed that she looked over my test and knew the grade and yet I wouldn’t find out till a week from now, when she finally remembers to hand the tests back. She’s not very bright, Math Teacher. The Latin test wasn’t particularly easy, but it wasn’t ridiculously hard either, so I feel like I definitely pulled at least a B—at least, I hope. Latin Teacher grades slower than probably any other teacher I have, and it’s infuriating.

Speaking of Latin, though, the worst thing happened the other night. I remembered around 4 that we had online homework, except I couldn't remember my password and user-name for the site we were supposed to do the homework on, so I emailed her apologizing profusely for sending this so late and humbly requesting my password. Except I got the email address wrong, and the failure notice was sent to the spam bin, so I didn't see it till late that night. And this morning I immediately went to her to tell her of my woes, and she was completely unsympathetic. I mean, I realize that I made a mistake in forgetting to email her in the first place, but this was a twenty-point assignment which I have no chance of making up. It brought my grade down to a 64, which I have no chance of bringing up to a respectable number. Does she want people to fail her class, or is she just in a bad mood?

In happier news, yesterday in art I got to model! We've started drawing figures, and it's terrible. People are usually my best work, but it's so hard trying to fit an actual living person to a canon when the proportions don't fit at all. But modeling was fun! For one pose I had to hold my arm up, and after a couple minutes I seriously could not feel my arm at all. And almost everyone whose work I saw drew me with a really narrow waist and really wide hips. I admit that this is vaguely what I'm shaped like, but it was so exaggerated.

Finally, I got a 91 on the last science test! I suppose I should be happier about this than I am. I mean, I'm happy I got above a 90, which was my goal, but I still wish I could've done better.

Also, my parents' whole idea that I should only spend an hour on the computer so that I'll do my homework is miserably failing. I show up to English today and apparently we were supposed to read a packet and answer three questions. Luckily English Teacher didn't check it; we had an in-class discussion which I actually participated in! Oh, and Up made fun of my frequent use of ridiculous hand gestures. Hee.

I'm trying to get Happy to come over tomorrow to mow my lawn. I plan to pay her in brownies and five dollars :D Also, Happy and I are going to throw Jaryd a sweet sixteen! She's going to knit him a dog-shaped pillow that says 'I WUF YOU' and I'm going to get him a box of corn dogs. I kind of want to hang banners all over the school that say: JARYD'S BIRTHDAY. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. JUNE TWENTIETH. Yeah, that would be epic.

That's all I can think of for now. I am forfeiting the last twenty minutes of my computer-time to go eat dinner. What a sad and lonely child I am.

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  1. Stupid Blogger. I'm still mad at it.

    Man. I'm sorry your plan to work with him didn't work out... :( I would say maybe next time but it's the last project of the year?! RAWR. I'm sorry. :/

    And wow, why the heck would the teacher not be sympathetic about that situation? If I was a teacher and my student forgot their password and stuff and tried to email it and all that, I'd totally understand.

    On the bright side, I'm glad your other tests weren't so bad! And you got to model. :D