Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That's about it.

I find it ironic that the day my parents put restrictions on my computer time, because they want me to focus on homework, I don't actually have any homework. Well, technically I have Latin homework due on Friday, which I did half of, but that's it.

Also, I was mildly loopy in my last post. You may have noticed. I would talk about something that happened yesterday but I don't actually remember, because I have the memory of a squirrel. I wonder if the degeneration of my once excellent memory is due in part to the extensive amount of time I spend doing mindless tasks, such as watch TV or go on the computer. Probably.

Today I told someone to shut up! People always seem surprised when I "lash out" in class, since usually I don't say anything, and usually when I do say something it's so nice and obliging (ha ha). We were watched a movie and this guy behind me kept insulting one of the characters, so after awhile I turned around said said. "Mahir. Shut. Up." Yeah. This wasn't a particularly significant moment of the day, I suppose. But, you know.

I had lab today, which was lame, even though apparently in art we drew this annoying kid, so I guess I wasn't missing much :) Lab wasn't actually that bad. I took a science test yesterday which I just barely finished, and I really hope I get at least a 90. Yeah. Also, I have a Latin benchmark and a math quiz tomorrow morning, which is just lame =.=

So I guess that's about it. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Latin is for people who don't need to try to be awesome, but do it anyways :D

    I'm too loud to surprise anyone anymore...maybe in college?

  2. Aww haha, it always happens that way doesn't it? :P Like, on days when I have absolutely no homework, my internet will decide to just not work or something. Sigh.

    People are surprised when I lash out, too. Or when they see me running down the hallway squawking with crazy hair and stuff. I don't even know.


  3. Oh haha I have restrictions too! My internet shuts off at 10 each night (excluding weekends).

    And ya know...sometimes you just need to tell people to shut up. And don't worry about feeling loopy...that is my state of blogging 70% of the time :)