Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So long.

I cannot for the life of me bring myself to enjoy reading Walden know that it has a giant yellow stain on it. Did I mention that the dog peed on it? While it was on the table? In a bag? Yeah. I am considerably less excited about reading it now.

Day was dull. I have seven minutes to write this so it won't be long. Now six. On the science chat I--excuse my language--told Up to shut the f*ck up and do [the science lab] his own God damn self. It was fun. He sent a lot of ........ and a crying face. Yeah. Also, I messed up the lab but didn't save it so I have to redo it tomorrow morning...blah. Three minutes now. I've been out of it all day. Probably elaborate tomorrow. So long.


  1. So the dog somehow crawled its way onto the table just to pee on your book, through the bag? That's rough man.

  2. still trying to figure out why the dog would piss on the table.