Sunday, May 22, 2011

We were all crazy.

I admit I'm kind of disappointed the world didn't end yesterday. I was looking forward to not having to blog today. Oh well!

Yesterday was the PPPP, which was naturally an adventurous adventure, though we didn't have time to get lost (Silver's parents were picking her up at five). Lolo and I got their first, so we tried to open every door to the school in hopes that someone forgot to lock something. When Kim and Silver arrived, we had to trek past a baseball game; the parents there were giving us weird looks, haha. The grass was incredibly tall and in same cases thorny, which is naturally always a delight. My legs got kind of scratched up, but not nearly as bad as Lolo's or Silver's--Kim was the only one who wore jeans. She may not have gotten scratched by anything, but at least we weren't dying of heat exhaustion. We leapt across the stream and feasted in the tree of life--I had half a poptart--and played on a random playground we found by some random church. Then Kim and I got ice cream at the dollar store; I had to shove pretty much the entire thing into my mouth inside this tiny deli. Then I got orange juice, because I was thirsty as butts. We headed back, scurried past the church, and came once more across the stream. Kim, Lolo, and Silver all managed to get across this tiny, unstable log which stretched across it, but I wasn't about to do that, so instead I chucked my sneakers and ran across ^.^ It was worth it. When we finally arrived back at the school we lay in the grass and surveyed our wounds, then trekked to the side of the school to do a long jump and climb a tree. When I say 'climb a tree', I mean Kim, Lolo, and Silver climbed a tree and I got five feet of the ground before deciding that I was not meant to climb trees. Five minutes before our parents showed up I decided we should go say hi to Shoe, who lives right next to the school. She had some friends over too, so we conversed, and then my mom showed up. Such was the third PPPP :)

Woah, that was a long paragraph. Congratulations if you made it through without getting a headache! After that my day was uneventful; actually, I don't even remember what I did. Today was a bit different. In the morning, Dad and I watched Thor, which was decent, and then when we got home I buckled down to do homework. I hope that English packet goes to the darkest regions of hell and rots their for all eternity with vultures picking at its corners.

I also slightly worked on the world civ. project! Mostly to take a break from English and partially because I'd feel guilty of Sam and Megan did a lot of work and I didn't. I read up on Amnesty International and was impressed, to say the least. I'm always impressed by international law; that's probably why I joined Model UN. That, and Halden would haunt my unholy spirit if I didn't. She was crazy.

Weekends aren't long enough. Tomorrow, Lolo and I are going to finagle a conversation with Up in which I found out what elective he's taking next year; more specifically, if he's taking creative writing or not. I absolutely must know as soon as possible; the suspense is killing me. Seriously, I can handle crushing disappointment now, but not in three months when we get our schedules after I've built the idea up so much in my head. For the love of God, though, I hope he's in my class =.=

I suppose that's about it. Not a bad weekend, in hindsight. Now for the actual week...


  1. Not totally sure what the quadruple P is, but it does sound like a very adventurous adventure indeed! Besides the beat up legs, a fun one as well, haha. And don't worry, trees just do not want me climbing up them either, and I'm fine with that... heights and me don't mix too well.

    Weekends should be at least three days. That's only fair. :P