Saturday, May 7, 2011


I said I would post yesterday, but, you know, I didn't. I really like being able to not post and not have the world end in a pyre of BEDA flames. Baha, April was already a week ago, why am I still referring to it?

I'm about to thoroughly edit the story I've been working on, because instead of just reviewing the new couple pages I sent her, Silver had to go and write comments on the ENTIRE THING. So now I'm just...going through it. Yeah.

Today, after spending about an hour playing The Sims (because what else do I ever do over the weekend, seriously?), the mother and I went out and succeeded in not really doing anything. Well, we had Chipotle, which was as always fudging good, and then we went to Barnes and Noble where I bought Walden and The Catcher in the Rye. So far the latter is quite enjoyable, which is always a good thing (obviously). Also, I made Jello.

As for yesterday, the silence thing was more or less a success, depending on which reason I'm using for why I did it in the first place. I succeeded in making ridiculous hand motions and for the most part, not talking. I did speak twice, though: once when I left my hoodie in my English class and didn't see the point of making said ridiculous hand motions, and another when someone asked what I got on the science test and I, in a state of extreme emotional anguish (I got an 80) forgot my quest and answered verbally.

As for why I did it, what I told people in English (where the teacher called me and the class spent the ensuing five/ten minutes talking about why I wasn't talking--thank God Up wasn't there) was that I just felt like it. If I was talking to someone who I didn't want to think I was insane, I said (well, not said said) I had a sore throat. I suppose if I truly had succeeded, I wouldn't have lied to anyone. Oh well. These things take practice. Shari was perpetually annoyed at me for not speaking, which I admit I took the slightest bit of offense to, which wasn't fair of me because she didn't really know why I was doing it.

I was rebelling against my own voice. I was attempting to subdue the part of me that cannot keep my damn mouth shut, that doesn't think before I speak, that forgets where I am and who I'm with and barges on with full, obnoxious force. That being said it wasn't a huge success, because what I lost in flamboyant speaking I made up for in flamboyant gestures and things which could vaguely be passed for interpretive dance. Like I said, these things take practice.

Now I'm off to revise my story! Woo, 16 whole pages of criticism. SO EXCITED.


  1. 1. Catcher in the Rye is amazing.
    2. Chipotle is amazing.
    3. The Sims is amazing.
    and 4. You are amazing!

    Have a good weekend and don't go too crazy over editing!

  2. 1. four and a half pages.
    2. we spoke on the phone for half an hour that day.
    3. you're welcome.

  3. I really want to comment but I have very limited time to do so, so I will just leave you with my opinion that flamboyancy and interpretive dance are very much enjoyable things to witness. :)