Monday, May 23, 2011

Plot and Plan

I'm deeply chagrined that I forgot to mention what PPPP stood for--I kind of assumed you all remembered. It was last year, though, so it's understandable that you all forgot :) It stands for Perfect Petroleum Pipeline Picnic. At one point Silver added so many P's to it that it became the PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP (24 P's), but that takes too long to type, so PPPP it is.

HEY GUESS WHAT. GUESS. WHAT. GUESS WHO IS TAKING CREATIVE WRITING NEXT YEAR. I'm so excited :3 I was afraid I had heard wrong and Up was not, in fact, taking that elective, but he IS. That makes it so much more likely that we have the same semester/period! You know, as opposed to if he was not taking the class at all, in which case the chances would be very slim.

I still don't understand my science work in the slightest, which is a problem because I have a test on it on Thursday. Also, finals are coming up! My first final exams as a high schooler! I'm dreading them simply because they'll be unpleasant to take, but I'm not actually worried about getting a bad grade. Well, maybe in Latin--we'll see. I am determined not to stress over this. Got enough to worry about, anyway.

Now I'm off to plot and plan things. Hurrah!


  1. I've only got four finals left...ohgod...

  2. Creative writing should be a fun class! :D

    Good luck on your first finals! I'm pretty worried about my math one. The physics one, well, I got As all year so even if I bomb the final I'll still have an A- haha, so there's that.

  3. Oooh, creative writing sounds fun.

    No more finals for me. :D (Just three other AICE exams.)

  4. Plot! The one with the figure eight and the red bridge! I assume this means enna is dead? I really think you should work out what the point of this one is, BEFORE you start butchering it, this time. Just a little helpful hint.

  5. Haha PPPP sounds cool. Yeah finals aren't for another month for me so good luck! Also I'm pretty jealous that your school has creative writing :P