Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm mildly depressed that my last entry, which consisted of da-woom-ah-wop and da-woom-ah-wop only, got more comments in a shorter time than the previous entry, which was bitchin' long and actually had content. BUT YOU KNOW, IT'S OKAY.

School started two hours and fifteen minutes later today because of some kind of exams, I think biology, so that was nice :) In the morning, Up asked me what time school started! Yes, I know it's sad that something like that makes me happy :) Oh, and when we got to school we had to go to the gym to wait for exams to finish, and Up came in like five minutes after us, and Happy got him to seat with us! IT WAS AWESOME. Except he mocked my humor (even though his own humor consists exclusively of sarcasm =.=) AND my grammar (I accidentally said 'me and Happy'). BUT YOU KNOW STILL.

Also, on the bus today, I learned that Jaryd's head is extraordinarily heavy.

On a final note (since I don't have much to talk about and I'm about to go watch Glee I'm about to go take a shower, haha), I have absolutely no idea what's going on in science and I have a test tomorrow, so damn. This is bad.


  1. Those little kinds of things tend to make my day just that much happier too... no shame here! ;D

    Oooooh did you watch Glee though? I kind of totally hated this episode. Especially cause of the lack of Darren Criss.

    GOOD LUCK ON THE SCIENCE TEST. I have a physics test I should be studying for... hmmm.

  2. There's nothing wrong with appreciating the small things in life. :)

    The latest Glee episode was intense. I cried despite my best efforts not to.

    I think you did well on your science test.

  3. I figured out the bit about the sleeping lion! I did!

    I only have one official "Exam" this year, and it falls on the first day of exam week in the afternoon, after which I just get to chillax until graduation a week later...