Friday, May 27, 2011

If you carry on this way, things are better if I stay.

I feel I have officially earned the title of Terrible Blogger. I just don't have the time :(

I decided to see my iPod songs rank based on number of times I've played them, and I must say, it's a pretty good representation of my favorite songs. I guess that makes sense :P Naturally Map of the Problematique by Muse is number one at 547 listens :) I could probably listen to that song twenty times over and not get tired of it.

This week has been ridiculously long. Seriously, the three-day weekend would never come. Today especially didn't want to end. I wore a skirt today, though! Haha, it was too hot to wear anything else. So that was adventerous.

My group was supposed to present in world civ. today, but obviously that wasn't happening (since we didn't actually finish) so I decided to ask World Civ. Teacher to change the dates during third period. I was originally going to lie and say it was because Megan was going to be late (which was true! kind of), but seriously, World Civ. Teacher just knows when you're lying. I can tell. So I said I forgot to bring my flash drive. Technically that's true, but I still avoided mentioning that the project wasn't actually finished. I suppose I should work on that at some point.

I also lied when saying that I left my vocab homework at home, when really I just didn't do it. I meant to, I really did, I just kept leaving my vocab book in strange places and it didn't really work out. But English Teacher said I could turn it in on Monday, even though the vocab test for that unit was today, so that's good. Considering it's worth almost 40 points, you know. Damn homework.

Speaking of homework, this is my total homework for the weekend:
  • Finish human rights Powerpoint.
  • Take notes on human rights Powerpoint to be used as note cards.
  • Vocab homework.
  • Science worksheet.
  • Scence mini-lab.
  • Whatever art homework she's piled on us this weekend.
So, not a terrible load, I suppose, but certainly enough to keep me occupied. I really want to do something this weekend. It's a bit short-notice to go to the beach, even though I kind of want to, but I at least want to go to the mall with Shari or something. Just something.

It's kind of beginning to dawn on me that the year's almost over. I have to admit I'm not much for reflection, so don't expect any tearful heartfelt remembrances until around the last day, when I start bawling because I hate change. I'm excited for next year, though. Mostly because of Creative Writing, but just in general it feels like it will be a good year. A year with a buttload of work, but a good year nonetheless. Also, I'll get to see Up again after an entire summer apart, stalking him on Facebook :)

Oh, and in gym today, I was finally up to bat after someone on my team got a HOME RUN. Like I was going to compete with that. The first two pitches were awful, and then Up, who happened to be watching, said, "Pretend the ball is my face," and I chuckled, AND THEN I ACTUALLY HIT IT. HA. HAHAHA. I only got to first base, but it was worth it.

I guess that's about it. Good night, and olive you :)


  1. 547 listens! That is a lot. I am now curious what the most listened to one on mine is...

    Some weeks seem so long, others tend to fly by. What always happens is always the opposite of what you want, too. Crafty lies about 'leaving homework' at home are always good ones haha. STUPID HOMEWORK. But yeah, it's always weird to look back and reflect on the past school year. You are going to be a sophomore, correct? Woooo! :D

  2. I swing at everything in Baseball...
    I'm actually really good though, it's weird - I'm like the king of bizarre hits...

  3. You are not a terrible blogger! Time is just hard to find sometimes! Hope you have a great memorial weekend and don't stress too much! It's great to hear from you :)