Friday, May 20, 2011


This weekend will consist of:
  • A PPPP that was once a MCHACIIW that was once a PPPP.
  • A bitchin' English packet.
  • Not doing a world civ. project.
  • The end of the world.
Oh yeah, we all best be gettin' our rapturin' on for tomorrow. And our woodland adventures, and maybe (possibly) actually reading something. Definitely not doing homework: I save that for Sunday.

So I did not admit my olive for Up in the form of a hilarious joke, nor did we ride into the sunset on a stallion (or unicorn, as Natalie would suggest). But, you know, it's okay. If I wake up tomorrow morning and the world has been enveloped in fire and brimstone, I'll be sure to shoot him a message on Facebook or something.

In gym, the Gym Buddies and I discussed what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. I like the conversations I have with the Gym Buddies :) Anyway, I said I would try to stock up on medicines because once the world is good and over, medicine will be a hot commodity. Also, I'll be sure to get as far away from civilization as I can in as little time as possible: I don't want to be around crazy guys with guns who will shoot for a loaf of bread, or something. That would be a bad day. No, but I think I could survive the zombie apocalypse. You?

I feel like I have more to talk about today, but I really don't. Have a nice weekend! Olive you!


  1. Reason #456 I shouldn't read blogs in the early morning: It took me a few minutes to realize that Up was a nickname for someone, not the Pixar movie. And it's not like you've never mentioned Up before...

    I think I'm going to listen to this song: tonight. I was just about to recommend As Tall As Lions to you...and then remembered you and I share a love for their song "Maybe I'm Just Tired".


  2. In case of a Zombocalypse, avoid corn at all costs. Corn is everywhere.

  3. ^ Hahaha... I have read enough of Zombicorns to know that reference! Strawberry, it's a John Green novella. :)

    We're all supposed to die at 6 PM apparently? Not sure if the rapture goes by Eastern Standard Time or not though...