Monday, May 30, 2011

For jollies.

I went to the beach yesterday! Fudge, it was awesome. I love the beach. It was fairly impromptu, too; on Saturday I was texting Silver and she mentioned she was going to the beach, and asked if I wanted to go. And I was like, yes. Really, really yes.

So we got to the beach around two, and pretty much immediately went into the water. It was fantastic. We didn't really do anything except brace the waves and shriek like little girls when the waves got too high and we washed up on shore. Eventually, after an appropiately long amount of time, we meandered back to shore and buried each other. I buried Silver up to her arms, but she buried everything but my face, which was mostly fun and somewhat uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, because I got sand in my ears. As a matter of fact I still have sand in my ears. I seriously could not get it all out.

We ventured back into the water to wash off the copious amount of sand completely covering both of us, and it was really freezing cold by that point. Also, most of the people on the beach had left. It was around five by that point, which probably contributed to the temperature of the water. Eventually we got all of the sand off, redonned our clothes, and packed up to head to the Ocean City boardwalk.

It was already getting dusky when we got there, so I was lent this amazing, comfortable sweatshirt and we descended unto the boardwalk. Actually, technically we ascended, since we had to go up a ramp to get there...anyway. We got pizza, which was fantastic, and then Silver's mom gave us twenty bucks and told us to meet back there at nine. Hee :D First thing we did was get funnel cake, which was fantastical, and then we walked up and down the boardwalk commenting on the stupid people one finds at the Jersey shore. AND I got my fortune told at some seedy fortune teller's place :D Apparently I'll have three kids, live till between 91 and 93, have a lot of guy friends, and fall in love when I'm twenty. Oh, and the best one: I'll have some sort of dancing or other similarly athletic career. Ba ha ha. Ba ha. ba ha ha.

Traffic going back was terrible. Just completely awful. We left around and maybe before ten and didn't get back to Silver's house till midnight. I actually fell asleep on her sister, I was so tired. Silver's mom suggested I stay the night, since it was so late, and that's what ended up happening. Their dog tried to hump me, then Silver, and then just wandered off, maybe to find more victims. Either way, after all that, their couch-bed was fantasticly comfortable.

My mom came to pick me up pretty early (as in 7:30) and I was still butt-tired, but so commenced my Monday. I haven't really done much today: some homework, and I went to the mall with my dad in a desperate search for something short to wear, but no avail. That basically means I'm screwed throughout the week when it's ridiculously hot and, unlike the weekend, I can't just wear the same thing every day. Ugh, sometimes I hate hot weather. I should probably go find something to wear for the week.

God, school is almost over! And finals are almost upon us, starting with the vocab final on Wednesday. I'm fairly confident I can do well on vocab, of all things, but then again it could be ridiculously hard and I could fail because I didn't study. On Friday I believe is the Latin final; I don't know when world civ. is, and math and science are both on the 14th. I'm not sure if I have an art final, but I sure as hell hope not.

I think I'll go finish up the world civ. project I did almost entirely myself. For jollies, you know.


  1. I love the beach and I am mighty jealous that you got to go. I haven't been since last summer. :(

    You're gonna beast all your exams!

  2. Ugh, I envy the fact that you are able to make impromptu trips to the beach. The closest one to here is Lake Erie, and that's not exactly a beach I want to be at...

    It sounds so fun though, despite the annoyance of an abundance of sand. And freezing cold water. I LOVE FUNNEL CAKE. Especially when they put ice cream and strawberries on top. It's so disgusting but oh well.

    It's so hot here too. I think it's supposed to be like 97 here today... Blahhhgghhh I'm meltingggg....

    GOOD LUCK getting through the rest of school! You're almost there!