Tuesday, January 25, 2011

600 and stuff.

Reflection? Reflection is for yearly milestones. 600th post don't really mean shit. I even used incorrect grammar for it; that's how much it really doesn't matter. 1000th, that'll be something to look forward to. That'll be a milestone. 666th, you best be expected a picture of the devil.
Just picture it. Picture it, my mind. A lonely night. A place in your head that you must've seen, must've seen. If you don't look up you can still see it but your feet keep moving anyway. Worlds collide, the right one and the one that would be wrong, if you were in it. Seconds pass.
Life goes on. Small things, big things; things with names that won't ever matter, and names you won't ever know. A calling, a vocation collides with the here and now, with the past clawing on and the present lasting forever, and a million paths to choose, even though you know you'll only choose one. What could I be, if I so aspired? But it doesn't matter, because I'm already going to pick what I'm going to pick, and the world must have decided already. Sometimes I wish I was better than I was.
Hours can turn to seconds faster than seconds into hours. It's always happening, all the time. If you think of the world inversely, then we're all just going backwards. Nothing matters. We're just an anomaly, just part of the fabric; we're wind caught in the dust of the desert, the screaming of the ocean. I wrote once that words are the paragon of humanity, but no one read it. I guess it doesn't exist.
Funny how I started making a graph, realized I didn't know how, and instead starting writing my freaky head-shit. Hallelujah.
Today, what did I do? I got up in the morning. The bus was not late. Got to school, took a math test that was surprisingly easy. Usually they're so long no one finishes them. Anyway. I went to Small Engines today, and had minimal communication with Wezzers! I like to think he either hates me more or less, a great deal or a great little respectively. Regardless. I think I try to act a certain way around him, but it never goes quite as planned. I don't mean I try to not act myself or something (which is impossible anyway) but I try to use the part of me that I guess I think he would like the most, even though he doesn't like anyone, especially people who aren't his friends (I guess he likes his friends.) And now I'm kind of wondering how intentionally rude he'd be if he read this. Or how batshit crazy he'd think I was if he read the first thing I wrote. Or, most likely, he just wouldn't care. That's a great philosophy, right there.
And now I've devoted nearly an entire paragraph to him, even though I said I wouldn't =.=
I also took a science test today, which I actually think I did pretty damn bad on. This is bad, because I have a streak of seven sticker-tests (sticker=above 90) in a row, and if I mess it up I'm going to be sad. Sad, I tell you. Sad.
Oh, and I got a 97 on my epic world civ. project. I think I know why. I hope she comments on my last topic: The Best Waste of Time to Learn About: The Mali Empire. This is the last sentence for my argument for that:
If we had never learned about the Mali Empire, at the very least we could live our lives free of the terrible burden of knowing such a useless and insignificant chunk of land as the Mali Empire was ever allowed to exist.
So now I guess I get to figure out how to use Excel to make a graph. Infinite happiness.
Oh, and one last thing:
600 posts, mofos!!!!!
Yeah, I hope that happens...


  1. I'll be honest, I got lost somewhere during this. It's not your fault, I'm just in a strange mood. No, I'm not intoxicated in the traditional sense. No, I'm intoxicated with love. Okay, you can punch me in the face now.

    Congrats on reaching 600, though. You'll be at 1000 in no time!

    Oh, and good job with the grades! Has your new semester officially started? I assume it has, but you know what happens when you assume...

  2. YES FOR 600TH POST!!!! 1000 this sure be something to look forward to :)

  3. 600 is a lot! I'll be waiting those 66 posts for some horns and forked tails and such.

    That whole middle part there, it was pretty deep. And I mean that in a completely not sarcastic way either! It sounds dumb to describe it as deep, but I mean, how else I can describe it? Just one of those paragraphs that makes you think, you know? So yeah, that's a compliment, I'd say. :)

    Anyways. Yay for good grades! I wish we got stickers... Oh and yeah, our math tests are always so long I barely finish on time!

    I s'pose this shall be the end of the comment for now. Hehe.

  4. RE: Ha, yes, blogs are mini-cults. Thanks! I AM SO CALMLY EXCITED ABOUT MAKING VARSITY. :)

    I can understand not writing an extensive comment at 6 am. I mean, I barely function enough to make my breakfast and get dressed so kudos for writing a comment at all. My computer stays off in the mornings or else I'd never go to school. Same with the TV and now I'm getting off on a tangent.